Bryssling Articles

This used to be the 'Best of Bryssling' page, but since the merger it's now...still the Best of Bryssling Page. All the best non-RM-style articles are indexed here....eventually.

Top Bryss

Necron Ark Review: Top Bryss' first foray into model reviews.

Battle Reports

1250 Coteaz V Dark Eldar: Fairly standard battle report, with my own Kabal used against me.

4 Way 40k Round 1: 1000-a-side 4-way chaos. Simple as. This goes to Part 1, links to the next parts are at the bottom of the post.

4 Way 40k Round 2: 1250-a-side 4 way shenanigans. Simple as. This goes to Part 1, blah de blah you get the picture.
2000 Kinstrife:  Eldar and Dark Eldar meet for a massacre.

2000 Robot Wars: Mirror match of Necrons V Necrons.

Doubles Tournament Summary: Chaos and Dark Eldar go for a walk.


Deathleaper from Bitz Only Tutorial: A method of building a counts-as plastic Lictor/Deathleaper using only bitz left over from other kits and green stuff.
Haemonculus from Bitz Only: A Haemonculus made from bitz from about 12 kits.

Haiku Poetry

The First Two: Some haikus tacked onto the end of an apology. After this I decided to do more as I enjoy writing them so much.

The Pilot: The first in the series.

Fridgey The Talos: Some haikus about making a Talos.

Cronos from Bitz Only Tutorial: A tutorial in the form of haiku poetry. How clever of me.

The Imperial Guard: Some haikus about the Imperial Guard

The Primarchs: Some haikus about the Primarchs.

High Gothic For Dummies

The Imperium in General: Basic terms. Highlights include Adeptus.

Space Marine Primarchs: Ever wondered where some of the more Latiny Primarch names come from? Highlights include Ferrus Manus and Uriel Ventris.

The Tyranids Part 1:  Some clever things about Tyranids. Highlights include Termagants.

Games Room: An introduction to where most battle reports I do for the site are made.

Mythbusting Calgar: 'Scape and I put the Ultramarine leader through his paces.