About This Blog

I am Bryss, rules writer, ruthless casual gamer, Scotsman, puppeteer, philosopher, and all-round nice guy. Below is the way the site works.

1. Schedule: This is best described as 'optimistic.' 7-9 posts a month is good by my standards. However, the nefarious forces of examinations and procrastination are my eternal enemies.

2. Outlook: I play 95% of all my games at a casual level. The exception to this rule is tournaments and less than 800 point games, which I find are more fun the more units you can actually fit in at that point and how good they are.

I have little patience for people who talk about '40k' and mean 'competitive 40k.' However, I respect that 40k is all encompassing and therefore am not against competitive gaming. If anything, there is really only one thing I don't like about it.

3. Content: Ever since eating RulesMan and emerging from my cocoon as RulesMan-Bryssling, the amount of stuff I can cover has expanded rather a lot. This means as well as my usual hobby stuff I can now talk custom rules here too. My 'main' armies are Dark Eldar and Necrons, however I dabble in everything except spin-off loyalist Marines, excepting Grey Knights and Inquistion, and Sisters. And Nurgle. I hate Nurgle. The aesthetics are vile.

I shall not gripe, moan and complain in a hyperbolic and profane method. I'll leave that to the experts. The exception is Clarkson-esque writing, which I do for humourous purposes.

Last. Philosophy: If you can't paint, that's fine.

If your rules knowledge needs tweaking, that's fine.

If your conversions suck, that's fine.

If your army sucks... well, guess. After all, it can only get better, right?

40k is a game of tactical chance which can and should be shaped to the opinion of the player.