About This Blog

Welcome to the bedsit! I'm Master Bryss, a name I have stubbornly hung onto since August 2009 despite the internet now being about real names or something. I'm a twentysomething human from Aberdeen, Scotland who enjoys such things as miniature wargaming, Pokémon, board and card games in general and performing comedy, both stand-up and improv.

This blog used to be my Warhammer 40k hobby blog, under the rather nonsensical title of Casual Bryssling of a Ruthless Mind. This was later merged with another blog I wrote for dedicated to homebrew 40k rules called Rules Manufactorum, creating Casual Rules Bryssling of a Ruthless Mind Manufactorum (or just Bryssling for short). However, I floated away from the hobby in 2013 due to a combination of GW's continued price hikes, lack of time to get out and play and a lack of friends still in the game. Also, I'd acquired a smaller-scale miniatures game called Super Dungeon Explore, my first leap into the world of modern board games, and I was having a lot of fun with that.

In mid-2013, I got into the Nuzlocke Forums and began writing a large comedic canon dubbed Bryssverse, because some things don't change. That's still going on albeit a bit slowly of late. Whilst at university, I encountered a few more games through my university's anime society, such as Coup, Boss Monster, Tsuro of the Seas, and Shadows Over Camelot. Some of these I liked enough to purchase. Mostly the cheaper ones, because again, some things don't change.

Fast forward to now. 2 years after really getting into board games, I have a collection of over 50 games ranging from ultra-cheap fillers to fairly-if-not-massively complex affairs. It's not huge, but it's mine. And it's not just me either. My oldest friend and gaming partner, known to old followers of this blog as 'Scape, also has a collection that is 97% different to mine. We're often joined in our sessions by Yen, 'Scape's sister and again a pseudonym. There is also one other person who joins me in this world of cardboard: my fiancée, Escape, again a pseudonym and a confusingly similar one at that. Unfortunately, we have a large body of water separating us most of the year so there's a lot of working around that to do.

This blog is an outlet for me to talk about the stuff I can't really talk about elsewhere. Expect game reviews, thoughts on playing long-distance games, maybe some throwbacks to the old blog like painting and modelling. I guess this is now a 'lifestyle' blog, except I basically live like Yugi from the original manga before the card game took over, minus the life-and-death stuff.

If you're looking for something from the Bryssling days, there's tags and a search bar but I won't be going out of my way to dredge it up. This is the future now, and we'll be moving forward in the hope that two people will read this. Onward!