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40k 8th: Escalation

"I want a Monolith." These were Escape's words to me before this game. Naturally, I obliged, because sometimes I like to pretend I'm a good human. By the end of my first round of shooting, most of its wounds were gone. And then I charged it. The question is, was this just posturing on my part? Or was I actually going to win this one...

40k 8th: Third Patrol

Whilst in Edinburgh for my fourth Fringe Festival, I stopped in at a board game cafe called Games Hub, the sort of place I wish existed in my hometown. They had a bit of 40k stuff for sale so I picked up Index Xenos 2, Escape wanting to try out Orks as their second army. By now, I've read a bit about how blob units seem to perform well in 8th, so let's put that to the test...