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Review: Know No Fear: A Warhammer 40,000 Starter Set

The familiar tune fades back in as we return for another review of a Warhammer 40k starter set...

Welcome back to Top Bryss! Last time, GMW did the unthinkable and dropped us back in at entry level. Now, we're going to examine Know No Fear, the awkward middle child of the current line of intro products. This set promises a halfway house between fully committing to the setting and wanting to have everything in a less drab colour of plastic. But is it any good?

40k 8th: Second Patrol

Having assembled the Death Guard from Know No Fear and unrolled the long playmat, I thought I'd see how a more ponderous army did against the Necrons. Of course, I don't have the Chaos Index, so this battle will have to be based on Power Levels rather than points. It'll be interesting to see how this goes...

The Armies

I would be using the Death Guard from Know No Fear as they came, which gave me the following:

Master Bryss' Death Guard: ???/29
1x Lord of Contagion
-1x Plaguereaper
5x Plague Marines
-1x Plasma Gun
10x Poxwalkers
1x Foetid Bloat Drone
-2x Plaguespitter, 1x Plague Probe

EscapeToTheSea's Nihilakh Dynasty: 580/29
1x Necron Lord
-1x Warscythe
10x Warriors
5x Immortals
5x Immortals
2x Destroyers
-2x Gauss Cannon
6x Canoptek Scarabs

You'll notice that Escape gets two more units than I do. This is mostly down to the fact that two thirds of my Power is contained within just two models. Admittedly, they're pretty powerful models, I just hope my troops ar…

40k 8th: First Patrol

If I'm going to have a shot at forming a real opinion on 8th Edition, I'm going to have to start playing some games. And given that I'm moving from First Strike up, the next step has to be that old classic of the 40k of yore: Combat Patrol! We even have an actual detachment that works as such. So let's use it...

Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition: A Returner's Review, Part 2

Where we last left off, we'd covered the basics as well as the Movement and Psychic Phases. We now move onto the meat and potatoes of the game: shooting and close combat, as well as the new Morale Phase...