It Should Be Pretty Obvious What This Post Is About

I knew it had to happen eventually. I've burned out. The world is advancing and I can't keep up. Therefore, I think I'm going to retire from blogging for a while. I can't really say much more than that.

I think I properly realised this when the new Daemons book came out. I just don't have the time or motivation I used to for little plastic men. Haven't even thought about lifting a brush for a month now. Even though I do properly like the new plastic Heralds.

Maybe I'll recover at some point, maybe not. Either way, thanks to the four of you still sticking with me. I'll still be keeping the channel going, so maybe I'll get some actual 40k content up at some point. Heck, if I'm feeling especially generous I'll let you hear my real self's stand-up routines. But that's not too likely.

I'll be taking my leave now. I may be some time.


Porky said…
I hope you do recover, or find an approach that works even better.

I know a feeling similar to this and if you do want to stay in gaming in the short term I'd recommend a complete change. Maybe a move to a smaller scale like INQ28, but better yet a miniature-less system and a setting beyond 40K. There are lots of funky games that are more about improv than tactics, like Risus and Fiasco. Going back to basics might help you remember what you love about it all.

Regardless, I wish you very well. It's been a pleasure following at RM and then here. In my opinion there's been some excellent thinking and a lot of inspiration, and I enjoyed the style.
Master Bryss said…
I've been in a Pathfinder game for a few months now, and that's going pretty well. I'll look up those things you suggested, too.
Fuzzbuket said…
aww :/ oh well, do what im doing , im not too motivated by ive got a few chosen scatterd round my desk incase i want to paint!
Sabreu said…
Hey, don't sweat it. I've gotten motivated several times to write a blog, got sidetracked, and bounced back.

It's hard to keep momentum up on a regular basis.

Eitehr way, hopefully we'll see you come back to post from time to time.