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Bryss' Improvised Points Theory: Botheration

As you are doubtless unaware, I sometimes spend stupid amounts of time trying to answer an unanswerable question regarding points. By this point, I've pretty much given up doing so for infantry. But the vehicle one worked OK. Unfortunately, GW has decided it doesn't like me, so threw in an extra new variable. Hull Points. And a new type, Flyer. Question is, does this mean I've completely lost Bryss' Improvised Points Theory? Let's find out.

An Idea or Several

Greetings ladies, gentlemen and Fuzz, this is your glorious anatidine leader, Master Ufllbcan M. Bryss, PhD, DPhil LLB BDSM YMCA (Hons). Otherwise known as aspiring law student and stand-up comedian *********. That's all one word.

Now, this may amount to nothing, this is purely recon work, but I wish to raise an idea with you all. A few months ago, I found the forum game known as Zoofights, a bloody awesome concept in which genetically surgeoneered animals (usually a hybrid abomination with weapons and big muscly arms) fight each other to the death, with the victor being calculated by putting audience votes into some kind of equation or other and doing hard stuff and finding out who won. The battle is then consequently written up.

Oh, and did I mention the competitors are then modified EVEN MORE after each round so that the finalists barely resemble their original incarnation? Now, I looked at this and wondered "Why on earth wouldn't this work in 40k? Jump.

Bryss' Musings: Ye Gads...

As you are doubtless aware, the new Dark Angels book is out. You may also remember I highly considered switching to the new book when it came out. With news of cheaper Librarians and more flexible Tactical Squads, among other things in game sense this seems like a Good Move. My Marine collection is extensive enough that I don't really need new models, either. However, this would now involve buying a £30 Codex. And that's really £10 more than I want to spend. Even considering it would be one of the least expensive reference documents I have bought in a while. Jump.