The Last of The Cultists

The leader dude, pre-Photoshopped titlecard.

To round off the month of January, here are the remaining 5 Cultists what I did, in full 2D, with some silly trivia to round it off.

Again, remember grey areas were black then I decided that was too dull.

These guys really count as a pair, so I did them together. Plus, it means I have done

Heehee, barefoot cult leader. You don't really get a good fingerclaw shot, but they're metal.

Oh, and the trivia. As you know, Mega-Emperor is the unofficial mascot of this blog. His head's on the banner and everything. For nearly two years I have believed he has absolutely nothing to do with 40k at all, and then I learned a key fact.

In the original Japanese of Medabots, he is known as GOD EMPEROR.

There's no way in heck he's moving off the banner now.