Shiny New General Housekeeping

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Good morning internet, this is your glorious anatidine leader, Master Ufllbcan M. Bryss, PhD DPhil LLB BDSM (Hons). You may have noticed I've turned the brightness up somewhat on the banner. In fact, I've turned it up so much it seems to have become a completely different banner. I swear that duck wasn't there before.

Oh, and I finally got round to adding a search thing, mainly for my own benefit but maybe you'll get some use out of the thing.
I guess I owe you an explanation. But first, jump cut.


It's fair to say I've changed banners a fair bit. This is because I like doing so. The banners chart the evolution of the blog, they reflect me and they show what on earth I've done with my life. They're very personal and I like that. Take the first one, for example:

You can already sort of see the hallmarks of future banners in this one. A photo rather than a digital construct, bit of paper with the name on it, thing pointing southwest at the top, Mega-Emperor and two dice. It's very handmade and cobbled together, much like the early blog, which was started as a pet project aside from Rules Manufactorum.

That then evolved into this, which retains everything the original had (the webway gate is more out of shot, mind), and adds the chipboard motif as that was my hobby surface of choice. It's also what 'Scape's gaming table is, whereas mine is two cupboard doors bolted together.

Then came the merger with RulesMan...

Obviously, this meant a banner change. This is the second incarnation of the banner, after I had to de-curve the L, which survived a whole year without its curviness being called out, thank you very much.

Oh, and this is now the Age of Random Quotes, since I liked that gimmick from HoP. The duck one is still the best. One day I'll work out how to add even more.

Oh, how about some banner trivia?
  • The reason there's a paintbrush in place of the mechanical pencil is because I lost the mechanical pencil. D'oh!
  • The reason for the shadows and lack of tape measure is because I blu-tacked everything to the chipboard and mounted it against a wall for better lighting.
This brings us to the old new one:

This one was strictly a prototype, I think I started regretting the lack of chipboard. You might be able to tell this is the first one that isn't a photograph, and it takes about five million liberties from the traditional design.
  • The handwritten stuff is bigger and the B looks better.
  • There is a Luger where the brush was, the first non-long and blue object to fill the roll.
  • I'm on the banner for once! In shadow form, of course, as is Mega-Emperor.
  • Mega Emperor is upside down. And more than just his head is in shot.
  • There's a duck. You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon.
  • The RulesMan side is unblemished by invading pointy things.
  • There are NO DICE.
I think I want to change it a bit, but this is more or less the 2013 bannner. Feel free to shout at me if the S looks more like a 5 or something else banal and stupid.

Well, it WAS.

I've realised now that a Bryssling banner that ISN'T a photograph simply isn't me. Therefore, I did a bit more work, and reached a compromise. The Brysssling 2/3 of the banner is a photograph.The RulesMan side of the image is digitally reconstructed from bits of the photo and the original site banner, hence why the brush doesn't lean over it anymore.

The brush and the dice are back, as I missed them. Fun fact: it's always the same dice with the 1 face-up, and the same for the 2 one. The things I wanted to put in, the duck and the ShadowBryss, have been hastily drawn-in. I'm not going to colour the duck as I'm strictly a black-and-white sort of person.

Oh, and Mega-Emperor is a head again, as the shadow didn't work. I think this is probably the best incarnation of the banner yet.

Signing off...

Bloody hell, did I just write a whole post on the history of my site banners? I'm so sad...