Happy New Year!

I trust everyone is still alive? Good. Then we'll start.

Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss, your glorious anatidine leader. Through much pain, sorrow and anguish (and about 32 sacrificed llamas of varying colours), I have returned from the dead zone.

As ever, I have singularly failed to do anything worthwhile with my downtime. However, it isn't a total loss. I painted THREE WHOLE CULTISTS, and did 75% of the work on 8 more. I gave the Helbrute its first coat of red. But that's not what you want to know. What you want to know is what I've done with Project Magnet Fiend, isn't it? Well, why don't you jump over this ledge and find out?

This may be my most undignified WIP shot ever. In background: unpainted Drake and red Helbrute

I've drilled all my holes, so all I need to do now is stick magnets on the limbs, work out the top shoulder armour joins and then we're in business. It won't be perfect, but these things never are anyway. It's still pretty good for my third magnet project (after the Grey Knight Magnet Force and the Magnet Ark. The Heldrake weapon doesn't count as it's literally one bit.). Now I don't have to do another one for a while. Woohoo!

I picked up some Nuln Oil or whatever Badab Black turned into, so Cultist work should be coming on. I'm writing this in the past so it may even done be now (*laughs at optimism*). One day this Chaos force will be restored and I will do a dance of joy.

Oh, and I picked up the Crusade of Fire campexpansionaign book, so I'll be reviewing the non-campaign based bits of it soon. And of course, I'll get back to Creature Feature. I really will.

So, what's a Bryss to do with a 2013? Well, I can tell you all the banal and stupid things a-coming:

  • At least 2 more uses of the General Housekeeping Tyranid.
  • More pictures of shadows because I like that feature.
  • More puppet stuff (I have 3 of them now).
  • Maybe a Dark Crusade LP? I do like the game and I have the capacity to do it.
  • More videos at any rate.
  • I have an idea for an Arena of Death narrative series.
  • All this will inevitably involve my ladywrists being caught on film again. Damn.
That's all for now. Next will probably be Part 1 of the Crusade of Fire thing. Signing off...