Finished Cultists #2

I love that image, I really do. Even if the eyes are wonky. Anway, I have Leather-Masked Flail Dudes for your appreciation and/or derision today!

Pair #2: Leather-Masked Flaily Dudes

The red-armoured one is the first mini I've done with Nuln Oil rather than Badab Black. I've also gotten back to some of the Super Dungeon Explore minis and Nuln Oiled two of them, which you'll see in time. The difference is notable, although it could just be because I'm running out of Badab Black.

Fun fact: anything grey on the Cultists was going to be black, but I thought it looked half-finished that way so it became grey. Thankfully, only one shade of grey is involved though.

Heehee, January is filling out nicely so long as I maintain this stupidly slow pace.

More Cultists on Thursday!