Finished Cultists #1

Heehee, playing with Photoshop. I have it now. He's the third Cultist I painted originally, and now he's a painting. The other two Cultists I painted are after the literal and metaphorical jump.
I shall present the ones I have done already in pairs.

Pair #1: The Shirtless Knifey Dudes

As you can probably tell, I won't paint each pair identically, there will be variations. Red will always be involved in some capacity, however. These are among the first things done with new Mephiston Red instead of the old Mechrite Red I'm running out of fast. I think they've come out OK.

Oh, and I managed to finish all of the combat Cultists! The rest will be presented in this order:

  • Leather-Masked Flaily Dudes
  • Barbed-Wire Clubby Dudes With Gas Masks
  • Bald Metal Clubby Dudes
  • Apron-Sporting Weapons Dudes (I did both of these at the same time because I could)
  • Metal-Fingered Hooded Dude Who Is The Leader
Oh, new FAQ updates came up. It's been clarified you can't enter combat airspace and then leave it again in the same turn. To 'Scape, I have this and this only to say.

Nyahahahahahahahahahahaaaa....I'm so mature.

Signing off...