Bryss' Musings: What On Earth Are These For?

It shouldn't surprise you that I'm reinstating the closest thing I have to an opinion column around here. However, today I have a genuinely vexing question for you, the object of which you see above this text. Also, this post contains MIDGET FIREARMS. Details after the jump.

I thought that might entice you. Anway, onwards:
#1: The Magnet Fiend Spare Parts Conundrum

Image: Dept. of Redundancy Dept.
Obviously, to build the Magnet Fiend I've had to put together various sub-assemblies, drill holes in them and insert shiny little magnetic discs into them. In doing so however, and having read the instructions at least seven and a half times back-to-back, I cannot see ANY use for these two thingies here. My best guess is that they are awesome alternative shin guards for Chaos Terminators.
If you have a better hypothesis than I do as to the purpose of these weird things, please let me know, it's killing me inside.
Oh, and while I'm at, which side of the Legion of Chance should the Fiend belong to? I'm leaning towards Red at the minute, as there's a lovely example in the Crusade of Fire book I could draw from.
#2: Midget Firearms, Like I Promised

This arrived in the mail today:

It's a keyring that looks like a Luger. It may fire caps. It's about 5cm long and it is ADORABLE. Here it is with a 10cm-ish Mauser keyring I also now possess (which definitely does NOT fire caps):

And here is the bigger gun BEING HELD BY A PANDA:

Do you now see why I get so little work done? I swear I have degree exams to study for or something. Expect these to turn up in a Shadows post at some point. Crusade of Fire next, I promise. No more tangents.

Signing off...


Mark Mercer said…
look like two halves of a daemonic boxing glove.
Master Bryss said…
Why is this NOT in the Doomy Artifacts of Doom section of the Chaos book? Every time I'm forced to declare a challenge while wearing these, I am legally obliged to yell 'Round 1, fight!'