An Announcement From Your Glorious Anatidine Leader

Hello. I'm a duck. I definitely haven't gone insane or anything. Actual announcement after the jump.

Through a combination of guile, fearlessness, madness and Annan (who could be argued to be another form of madness, I guess), I have reached 50,000 pageviews. Now, considering that I've been doing this for a year and three quarters, 1,278 of those will probably have been me. But I will not let that detract from my achievement. Yay, me. It helps to read that in a dry, snarkastic voice.

I'm not going to do anything to celebrate this save this speech, as I simply don't have the time to do a video batrep or suchlike. There's also the smallish issue of the Scottish weather severely affecting my internet, which I have now dubbed Winternet for the sake of puns, and therefore by the time the thing finished uploading it would be March 2013. By which point my real-world self's stand-up routine might even be on the net, not like I'll tell you when or who that is, though.

As such, I believe I will take this opportunity to wind up my blogging activities for 2012. This should give me time (and a Christmas holiday) to get some actual content made. I recently started painting three whole Cultists, and so I should work on that some more, plus some more of Dark Vengeance and possibly other Chaotic things.

As my first full year of Bryssling, I'm fairly satisfied. Sure, I've left a lot of loose ends, but I'll get back to them in 2013, provided the whole Mayan doom thingy doesn't happen. When I return, there will be more Creature Feature, more Scottish Rules Lawyering, actual painting, maybe even more Dungeon Explore, something I'd really like to do a video of.

Because I won't be here to do it later, have a merry Christmas and generally prosperous New Year. For 2012 as a whole, signing off...


Fuzzbuket said…
i cant help but feel that i may be responsible for your.... sanity?


yeah pagveiws are good until you hop onto ID,FTW BOLS and then realise that its a small number.

(in a year i should hit a quater of a million views. with track my views turned off.


cant wait to see you back painting though!