Attempt 1- What The Hell, Huron?

Alright, let's at least try to make something nice. I have 1590 points plus Huron. This inevitably won't be competitive, but it's me, which is the main thing.

Thinking on my earlier point of CSMs not being hordey, I'm an idiot. There is a way they can be hordey. I'm just not used to using them without bolters, is all. If I can't have Berzerkers without paying a minimum of 75 for another HQ, I'll just have something vaguely similar.

Let's go.

Master Bryss' Huron List 1- 1750
20 Chaos Space Marines- Exchanged CCW, Mark of Khorne, 2x meltagun
10 Cultists- Heavy Stubber
10 Havocs- 4x flakk
Royal Court: 4x Harbinger of Storm, 2x Lord
15 Warriors
15 Warriors
Ghost Ark

Oh grief, now the hard part. Explaining it.

Huron: Is sorta compulsory. Goes in the Chaos Horde with the Sorceror. This does mean it can't ever Infiltrate, mind. Oh, and another annoying query. The Necron book states I attach Crypteks to units of Necrons 'before the battle.' Please define this term. Until you do, I'm going to assume this happens at the same stage as 'before deployment' as so I may select a unit of Warriors with Cryptek for the purposes of Master of Deception.

Sorceror: This is the last thing I put in as I hadn't a clue what to do with the 60 points. As it stands, I'll probably roll Telepathy as nearly all the powers have marginal use and I don't want to gamble on one roll on Biomancy or Pyromancy. Plus, he boosts psychic defence.

Chaos Marines: Ragey rage, with meltaguns on the off chance I need them. They may not have Furious Charge, but they still throw out attacks on the cheap.

Cultists: I needed a second Chaos Troop. Generally they'll hide and try very hard to score. Except the Champion, who's dead.

Heldrake: I wanna play with shiny. Probably baleflamer.

Havocs: I was short of overpriced anti-air. Missiles are still nice. Probably Priority One.

Overlord: Goes with the 2 Lords and 2 Crypteks in the Ark and shoots things.

Royal Court: See Overlord.

Warriors: My main firebase. Each has a Voltaic Staff. Priority 2&3. One of them is attached to an Ark it won't use.

I'm expecting failure, but it could shock me. Signing off...


Mark Mercer said…
Why you invested more points into the already expensive Havocs? I know they will be first target, but you're just making something expensive even more expensive.
Master Bryss said…
Because if I'm going to spend 100 points on four shots I'm going to make sure I get all four of them as many times as possible.