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Summary Batrep: Chaos Game 2

It's been, like, a month since I picked up a tape measure. This state of affairs can't continue. Neither can my current pace. But let's shove that all to one side, as I played another game with Chaos. This time, 'Scape's Necrons took to the stage in a battle waged at our 'classic' size of 1250.

Summary after the jump. It's pretty darn devious.

Attempt 1- What The Hell, Huron?

Alright, let's at least try to make something nice. I have 1590 points plus Huron. This inevitably won't be competitive, but it's me, which is the main thing.

Thinking on my earlier point of CSMs not being hordey, I'm an idiot. There is a way they can be hordey. I'm just not used to using them without bolters, is all. If I can't have Berzerkers without paying a minimum of 75 for another HQ, I'll just have something vaguely similar.

Let's go.

Ruthless Snark: Bryss' Guide to Scottish Rules Lawyering, Part 1

Hello! Today's topic is rules interpretation. Why on earth am I bringing up the interpretation of rules? Well, many reasons. One, as an occasional rules writer I know I need to be clear (unless the game I am writing for is Munchkin, of course, in which case being devious is encouraged) and examples of what I should and shouldn't do are nice. Two, I'm reading law, and therefore I have different names for most of the terminology. Three, my Legal System lecturer has a very specific style in which emphasis is put on certain words to hold your attention and you know I like mimicking styles.

Time for a jump break, I reckon. After which I shall show you the correct way to rules-lawyer. Remember, persuasiveness > rules, unless your opponent appeals to a higher civil court. Not criminal, as nobody's dead. We are NOT going to intermingle criminal terms with civil ones.

Begin Anew: Ruthless Casual Blackheart

Just as out of the ashes of death comes the phoenix of rebirth, so too does out of the ashes of inactivity come the Bryss of rebirth. Buoyed by the fact that the people of Aberdeen find me funny enough to laugh at my jokes (which are a lot less snarky than this persona, mind you), I'm making my return to my desk. Today, I'm going to try thrashing a Huron list theory out.

PSA: I'm Still Here

Dear Bryssling readers,

You may notice a severe lack of things happening around here. This is because my true identity has been stupidly busy with practise exams and an upcoming comedy show in which he must perform a five-minute set, among other things. As such, the free time of the entity known as Master Bryss has been short. I can release Let's Play parts on Bryss & 'Scape and that's about it.

Once the next few days are over, I can work on the recovery of my former state. Until then, bear with. Thank you.

Ruthless Mini: Legion of Chance Wants Help!

Well, that's the All Hallows thing out of the way. And Guy Fawkes, too. And yes, there's been a schedule slip. I've had a busy week. Anyway, because I haven't really prepared anything, I'm going to improvise and explore Allies possibilities for the Legion, which includes using it as an ally and using allies on it.