Weekend Silliness: +8 To Backlog

Look at that. That was my backlog 1.5 years ago. Look at how tiny it is. It's so tiny it's unbelievable. My new one is... aargh, I keep making it woooorse.

1 Dark Vengeance set
1 Heldrake (half built, magnetised tongue, not too hard)
1 Fiend (I so want to completely magnetise it, but it looks really hard to do)
5 New Raptors (put the cute little feet on, still deciding on loadout, I think two 5-man units with 2x specials by mixing them with the Old Raptors)
~5 Aspiring Champions (one yet to prime, 2 repaints, 2 primed)
~18 Thousand Sons (repaint and primed)
12 Plague Marines (primed, need to finalise scheme)
~20+ Berzerkers (repaint, I own so damn many, most of the Plagueys were originally these)
~15 Chaos Marines (repaint and primed)
2 Obliterators (repaint)
~5 HQs (repaint and primed)
1 Huron Blackhear (a small touch-up, I reckon)
1 Ahriman (likewise)
5 Old Raptors (primed)
1 Starfire Dragon (50%)
1 Kobold Ogre (80%)
1 Glimmerdusk Ranger (5%)
1 Hexcast Sorceress (primed)
1 Angry Bear (50%)
1 Deeproot Druid (40%)
1 Candy and Cola (yet to prime)
1 Claw Tribe Barbarian (primed)
6 Gougers (primed)
6 Knuckleheads (primed)
4 Ironscales (primed)

So yeah. Jump cut.

I really didn't need to type all that out, it makes it look super intimidating. But I am absolutely determined to finish it eventually. Maybe if I try to finish an army list and then paint to that...

Heck, if he wasn't so busy with Imperial Fists, I may have enlisted the help of Pandaman.

Next week will be a rush to finish the Chaos review!


Fuzzbuket said…
im blaming you for this
Master Bryss said…
Oh come on, Fuzz. I've been trying to create the image of me as a mysterious masked individual for months now, and you have to spoil it. :P

If this wasn't so hilarious I'd think you were trolling me, lol.

Screw my current avatar, I am embracing my inner mallard.