Weekend Happiness: 50 Days Later...

Yeah, this finally turned up after a month and a bit of waiting. Woohoo! My Super Dungeon Explore set got a new variable!

+1 to Backlog.

I really like the Candy and Cola miniature. I'd like to think Candy is what Lightning might have been like if she was in an earlier, traditional Final Fantasy game. Minus the soda addiction and small animal companion, of course.

What I don't like is that the character card is of lower quality than the base set ones, and the base isn't a snug fit and isn't stoney like the base set ones. Plus, it's metal. But who cares? It's adorable!

And yes, I'm fully aware I could have spent my Saturday riffing on shadows again. And that's exactly what I'll do next Saturday. But for now, I'm grinning like an idiot again.

On a side note, 13. That should be the number of posts this month if this schedule thingy pans out.
If I break that down, it goes like:

3 Creature Features
3 Saturday filler/shadow posts
1 battle summary post
6 posts I haven't the foggiest what will happen with.

So yeah, scheduling. I'd better make plans.