The Inevitable Chaos FAQ

A short one today. Because of the timescale on which I've broken down this review, the FAQ is up already! And it's addressed two of my main bugbears! Praises be! Exclamation mark!

I'll outline it after the jump.

Firstly, the obvious Plague Zombies change has come into effect, so Plaguey Cultist can now have 33 mates and a dead Champion again. They still can't buy the Mark of Nurgle though. Fair enough, but I don't care as I don't like Nurgle aesthetics.

Secondly, I can now take an Axe of Blind Fury on a Daemon Prince, hence explaining why it bestows Rage. This is excellent as it's far more useful here. Khorne Prince smash! Just one problem here, GW. Daemons of Tzeentch still can't take the Scrolls of Magnus. Why didn't you double-check for similar errors?

Thirdly, the rather stupid Terminator ruling has been fixed, and so I no longer have to pay Terminator Weapons prices if I want both a combi-weapon and a power fist. Cheers, GW.

Oh, and apparently the English version had the wrong Helbrute cost, so now that's been fixed. This makes sense, as at 105 points the Brute was somehow paying for a combi-bolter that it didn't have. Still not entirely sure if it's any good, mind...

And that's it. Seriously, not even a FAQ. Signing off...