Planning An Army: R'Lette's Legion of Chance

This is what R'Lette's Legion looked like at the start of summer, consisting of:

Daemon Prince R'Lette with Wings (not pictured)
Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour and pair of Lightning Claws
6 Black Marines with Meltagun
6 Red Marines with Plasma Gun
5 Black Havocs with 4x Missile Launcher

I'll show you my progress after the jump.

Yeah, it's not much, is it? I suck at commitment. I now have:

Daemon Prince R'Lette with Wings
Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour and pair of Lightning Claws
10 Chaos Marines with Plasma Gun, Autocannon, Icon Bearer
4 Chaos Marines with Meltagun (incomplete squad)
5 Chaos Havocs with 4x Missile Launcher
Defiler with Reaper Autocannon and extra CCW

As you might be able to tell, I've stopped segregating red and black Marines in favour of mixed, random, Chaotic units. Aspiring Champions will have green shoulder pads to get the proper roulette effect. Also, I'm using my 2-3 Universal Imperial Rhinos with this army, as they also follow a black-red-green motif.

I've decided to stop looking at my massive pile of Chaos as a massive 'you must paint ALL OF IT!!' type effort. Instead, I'm going to look at it in expansions. I need one more Marine to make this a legal army, so it's going in. I'm also going to use this expansion to paint the Chaos half of Dark Vengeance, and leave the DA for 2013, when I will purchase the DA book and revive the Angels of Secrecy properly.

My first Chaos Expansion Pack will go as follows:

Chaos Lord with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol
Chaos Sorceror with Force Axe
10 Cultists with autoguns, heavy stubber, Champion with shotgun
10 Cultists with flamer, Champion
5 Plague Marine with meltagun
1 Chaos Space Marine

If I can do at least thirty minutes each Wednesday, I'll get somewhere. And then I will be happy, and paint a Heldrake. Until then, R'Lette's lot are a Flakk Missile Ally.