Game Summary: The Dark Eldar Hit The Road!

Had to use this again, it's too nice not to. It's been in every car I've owned bar one.
I'm beginning to get slightly more of a grip on myself, and I'm sure I have a proper space for all this Bryssling/40k stuff now. With that in mind, I got in another game against my old rival who ISN'T 'Scape, using my new Dark Eldar concept against his Tyranids.

Summary after the jump. Things explode. Perhaps.

During my Hammer & Anvil training that I put myself through, I constructed a 1250 Eldar/Dark Eldar concept that went:

Original Dark Eldar List- 1250
Haemonculus with hexrifle
10 Warriors with splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
10 Warriors with splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
10 Warriors with splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
3 Bloodbrides with haywire grenades
Razorwing with splinter cannon, night shield, flickerfield
Ravager with night shield, flickerfield
Farseer with Guide, Eldritch Storm, Spirit Stones
5 Pathfinders
War Walker squadron: 1 War Walker  with two scatter lasers and 1 War Walker with two Eldar missile launchers

Bryssnotes: Look, I had 45 points left and I was utterly stuck, so in went the Bloodbrides. I could have had 3 Trueborn with one splinter cannon for 1 point over, but I didn't want to exceed the limit for some stupid reason. Anyway, Farseer and Haemo go in the Pathfinder unit, and always roll Divination.

Useless trivia: the Eldar-Dark Eldar combo is the only one that can't have a natty portmanteau name, simply because that name would either be Eldar Eldar or Dark Eldar, one of which is misleading and one of which is utterly banal and stupid. I could call it Eldar Squared, I suppose. Or Taoist Eldar, due to the balance of yin and yang.

The list was beaten fairly solidly by a Guard concept I also wanted to try (yes, I occasionally play myself, get over it), although the Razorwing getting shot down by a Vendetta didn't help. I also played the War Walkers stupidly, assaulting a Veteran squad with krak grenades. I didn't know Veterans HAD krak grenades!

Anyway, I knew the list needed tweaking, so for this game (1500 as my friend wanted to practise for Throne of Skulls), I refined it to:

Refined Yin-Yang Eldar- 1500
Haemonculus with hexrifle
10 Warriors with blaster, splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
10 Warriors with blaster, splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
10 Warriors with splinter cannon and Raider with night shield
Talos with chain-flails
Razorwing with splinter cannon, flickerfield
Ravager with night shield, flickerfield
Farseer with Guide, Eldritch Storm, Mind War, Spirit Stones, (Divination)
5 Pathfinders
9 Dire Avengers inc. Exarch with two catapults and Bladestorm
5 Harlequins inc. Shadowseer, Death Jester and two fusion pistols
1 War Walker with two scatter lasers

Bryssnotes: The useless Bloodbrides are gone, as is the second War Walker as they're not really compatible. Instead, I've bolstered my Troops with a unit better than Warriors at attacking T3, added a Talos for an extra cannon and protection and gotten another Divination power. Blasters in the Warrior squad add to my darklight, and the Harlequins are in as I ran out of ideas again. In T'Leeks' vile hyper-efficient language this is:

58 models
25 splinter rifles
10 shuriken catapults
8 dark lances
5 splinter cannons, one of which is twin-linked
5 Pathfinder long rifles
4 monoscythe missiles
3 Divination rolls
3 shuriken pistols
2 blasters
2 fusion pistols
1 hexrifle

Which is pretty darn good for Ruthless Casual.

My opposition was (approximately):

Tyranids- 1500
Winged Hive Tyrant with two pairs of scything talons, regeneration (Biomancy)
10 Termagants
~20 Hormagaunts
3 Warriors with two deathspitters and barbed strangler
3 Raveners with deathspitters?
Tyrannofex with rupture cannon and dessicator larvae
Tyrannofex with rupture cannon and dessicator larvae

Bryssnotes: Yeeah, it...could be more. The 1750 version of this I faced was identical except +1 Trygon. You really want the Tervigons to be producing, otherwise you have a sever body shortage. And the T-Fices are 1/3 of your army. Ranged dominance isn't going to happen here. 40+ models.

Game summary is as follows:

  • I roll up Prescience, Misfortune and Perfect Timing (nice) for the Farseer, while the Flyrant gets Life Leech and Haemorrhage. I deploy and go second, but get pick of board edge and place 3 of the 5 objectives (mission being Big Guns Never Tire, Dawn of War).
  • My Warlord Trait let me re-roll Reserves (super-lucky for my preferred DE tactic!). The Tyrant's trait was the 'use the lowest Leadership within 12 inches' one, but that didn't really matter as I didn't buy any upgrade characters bar the Exarch.
  • The Tyranids have no reserves, I reserve one Warrior squad (with blaster), the War Walker, the Dire Avengers, the Ravager and the Razowing.
  • The Tyranids split their forces between two corners. On my left is the Flyrant, Tyrannofices and Warriors. On my left are the gribblies, the Tervigon and the Raveners. I split my forces too, opposing the left side with the Talos and Harlies, and the right side with the other two Warrior squads and the Character-laden Pathfinder unit. My left side is obviously weaker, but all I need to worry about in Turn 1 are the two Rupture Cannons anyway.
  • Turn 1: no night. The Tyranids advance all units on both sides, the Flyrant now dangerously close. The Raveners use their terrain-ignoring prowess to get into a building two feet from the Pathfinders... but then run out of it in the Shooting Phase into my line of sight. Probably not a wise move. Shooting casualties consist of a single Harlequin. Shadowseers ARE still useful protectors, then (the Harlies were in 5+ cover to begin with).
  • Incidentally, the Tervigon spawned a unit of 17 Termagants, but obviously couldn't spawn any more as you need a double 6 to do that.
  • I Prescience the Pathfinders and Misfortune the Raveners, who promptly die horribly (thus giving me First Blood). I didn't use Perfect Timing, as I knew I'd need the Warriors to finish them off and re-rolling passes was better across the board. I also wound the Tervigon once with a Dark Lance. I shoot one of the Tyrannofices with the Death Jester and Talos, but to no avail.
  • In the Tyranid Turn 2, the two Termagant units get dangerously close to my Raiders due to Running, but don't shoot. The Flyrant goes to Glide then Vectors a wound off my Talos, who then loses another one to a Rupture Cannon. The Flyrant also Haemorrhages my Harlequins, resulting in the death of the Death Jester but no-one else. The Talos is subsequently charged by a T-Fex (who wasn't likely to get in but crucially this wasted my Overwatch), who fails, and then the Flyrant, who succeeds and murders my Talos.
  • I then proceed to get all of my Reserves bar the Ravager. I fire all my Raiders at the Tyrant, who loses two Wounds. I also fire my two fusion pistols, which fail, but then kill the Tyrant with the newly-arrived Warrior squad's blaster and 7 splinter wounds. Shouldn't have come out of Swoop yet, son... I now have Slay the Warlord.
  • On the other side of the board, the Razorwing mows down a dozen Hormagaunts with two missiles, a dark lance and the splinter cannon, who flee. The Dire Avengers, War Walker and Warriors kill a boatload of Termagants, killing one unit completely and reducing the other to 4, even without Bladestorm. This leaves the Prescienced Pathfinders free to shoot the Misfortuned Tervigon, who is brought down to one Wound, but then fails the Hexrifle wounds check and vanishes.
  • At this point, my opponent concedes. At this point he holds one objective to my two, and has a point for the Talos' death. I in turn have FB and StW, making the current score 4:8. He figures he can only hold one objective safely, and that I'd shoot any Tyrannofex making for another objective to death with my nearly-unblemished firebase. Plus, my very mobile army could easily get Linebreaker, and all his small bugs are falling back. Victory to the Eldar!
I don't fight Tyranids very often, but that game really showed off their weakness to an army loaded up with poison and lances. This is pretty much the army he plans to take to ToS, to which I say good luck, but it's not the army I'd take. In his defence, he hadn't fought  DE before with that list, and with hindsight he wouldn't have split his forces like that.

Incidentally, this particular rival of mine doesn't believe in Allies, thinking they weaken the parent army. I'm sorry, what? Giving my ridiculously lethal poison firebase re-rolls to hit, nerfing cover, having access to slightly more durable Troops, being more effective versus GEQ and giving my Hexmonculus somewhere to hide WITHOUT sacrificing a splinter cannon or being forced to take Trueborn GIMPS MY ARMY? Remember, I only own three Raiders, and being able to assign more of them to Troops units due to Allies giving me somewhere to put my awkward HQ is a good thing.

That said, I like having opponents with completely different viewpoints to me, it lets me see other schools of thought in action. It's just that I really, really disagree with that one. Maybe seeing how many allied-up armies there are at ToS will change that.

Incidentally, this is the 300th combined RulesMan-Bryssling post. I don't know what number pure Bryssling is any more. (*insert party popper sound here*)

Signing off...