Creature Feature 6th: Abilities Part 2

I haven't got much time right now. However, I can give you another column of Creature abilities. As ever, these are subject to change. Jump.

Fearful Presence: Two names, no reason, -1Ld. Will retain and also add that it causes Fear.

Fission: Ye gads, a hard one. Basically, when your model dies, you get a number of basic Small Creatures that constitute its offspring. I'll probably make this require a 3+ to work and make the offspring slightly better.

Gaping Maw: The power to eat people. Will re-word to:

A model with a Gaping Maw counts as having the Precision Strike rule in close combat. If a Precision Strike successfully wounds the target, the target cannot make a Save of any kind and must take a Toughness test. If the test is failed, the model is removed from play. This rule cannot be used against a model with a Toughness equal to or greater than that of the creature with Gaping Maw.

Hit & Run: This is exactly what it says on the tin. Moving on.

Horns/Spiky: A bonus attack that has Furious Charge, essentially. Will change to:

A model with Horns gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule. If a model gains Hammer of Wrath from another option (eg. if a model is Jump Infantry), their Hammer of Wrath attack(s) are resolved at +1S.

Intimidation: Can prevent charges from enemies. Re-wording to:

When a unit charges a model with Intimidation, it counts as charging through Difficult Terrain. Models with Fearless or Stubborn are unaffected by Intimidation. The model also causes Fear.

Lure: Like a Banshee mask but for the chargee. Because the obvious defensive grenades thing is done by another power, I'm changing this to:

A model with Lure counts as having defensive grenades. In addition, enemy units within 12" must attempt to charge the model with Lure unless they pass a Leadership test at the lowest Leadership value of the unit. 

I'm not sure if the range should be 9" or 12", to be honest.

Massive: Makes the model a Monstrous Creature. I see no reason to edit this.

Mind Control: Standard mind control power. Changing to:

A model with Mind Control counts as having the Puppet Master psychic power, however does not need to expend Warp Charge to use it, and takes a Leadership check in place of the Psychic check. If a 5 or less is rolled on the Leadership check, you may select the target of your choice as normal.

Additionally, in place of making a shooting attack, you may instead opt for the target to make a number of close combat attacks against his own unit with a weapon of your choice equal to his Attacks characteristic.

Musk: -1I when in combat with the Creature. Keeping this.

No Pain: Originally an Invulnerable, now Feel No Pain.

Plague-Ridden: Like Nurgle's Rot. I'll write it similar to that.

Poison: 4+ Poison, as you'd expect. Keeping.

That's all for now because I'm tired. Signing off...