Creature Feature 6th: Abilities Part 1

Abilities, Abilities, Abilities. I could be here all day with the myriad possibilities available to me. I think the first thing I should do is look at the pre-existing ones and maybe update a few of them.

No points costs for these as of yet, as I'm figuring out what I want to do with restrictions.

Like I said, no new ones, although I will heavily change some of the older ones as I see fit.

Acidic Blood: As it stands, the ability makes enemy models in base to base contact with the model when it dies take a single S4, AP- hit. I don't see any reason to change it.

Agile Flora: Changes Plants from Immobile to being able to move and assault D3" per turn. Because of how assault works now, I think I'll alter this to:

Agile Florae change their Unit Type from Immobile to Infantry. However, they have a maximum movement speed of 3", ignores difficult terrain and has a Charge Distance of 2D3".

Burrowing: Infiltrate or Deep Strike, essentially. I'll split this one in two.

Camouflage: Really, all I need to do is reword it to grant the Stealth USR.

Deadly Attack: It's like a coup de grace. Making two types of this:

Medium: Model may halve its attacks to resolve them at AP4 during any Fight sub-phase.

Large: Model's close combat attacks are resolved at AP4. If taken in conjunction with the Massive trait, it may re-roll To Hit rolls when making a Smash attack.

Defensive Spines: Anything attacking you takes an S3 hit when they make attacks. I'll change this to the more modern:

Models with Defensive Spines count as having Defensive Grenades. Additionally, if a model rolls a 1 when rolling To Hit the creature, they take a single S3, AP- hit, resolved at the same Initiative Step.

Defensive Maneouvre: Not moving grants you +2 to Armour Save. I'm changing this to +2 to Go To Ground.

Disorientating Attack: A weird one involving templates and model count and stuff. I'm just going to make it a standard shooting attack with the following profile:

Range: 12", Strength 3, AP-, Assault 1, Blast, Disorientate

Disorientate: A unit taking at least one Wound from this attack counts as Rallying during their next Movement Phase (although may shoot and assault as normal). If at least 1 unsaved Wound is caused, all models in the unit have -1 Attack until the end of their turn.

The new Rally mechanic works rather well for recovering from disorientation. I could instead make it a Strikedown attack, hmm, choices, choices.

Dodge: 5+ Invulnerable. Tempted to make this cheaper and combat only.

Enhanced Senses: Infiltrate deterrent. I think I'll keep this as is, although replace the redundant Line of Sight bit with Night Vision.

Entangle: This is another one that I'm making a shooting attack:

Range: 12", SX, AP-, Assault 1, Entangle

Entangle: If this attack hits, the target unit must take 3 Strength tests using the most common S in the unit. If at least 2 of these tests are failed, the unit counts as having Gone To Ground until the end of their turn. They receive no Cover Save bonus for Going To Ground in this way.

Extended Attack: Scrapped.

That's all the first column done. More abilities next time. Of course, these ones are subject to C&C and change, as ever. Signing off...