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Creature Feature 6th: Abilities Part 2

I haven't got much time right now. However, I can give you another column of Creature abilities. As ever, these are subject to change. Jump.

Shadows On The Walls: Chimera

It's been ages since the last of these banal and stupid posts. Therefore, it's now time for another one. And this time, I'm experimenting with fusion and mixture, because I can. I add my sheep to your sheep, now we have more sheep. Now I'm just making no sense. Wonderful. Blame Foundations of Private Law. Which technically Bryss doesn't know about, as he's a seperate identity to the Secret & Infamous Identity of Master Bryss, also known as True Bryss. Before I lose it utterly, a jump break, then some lovely pictures.

RulesMan's Chaos Review

It's pretty safe to say that my first month of uni posts are being scheduled at a good rate, but I still need to do one more thing with the Chaos book before normal service can be resumed.

This is the post where I don't as much review the book but the mechanics behind the book. Let's see what's new, what's old, what's weird and what's downright confusing in this new volume.

Creature Feature 6th: Abilities Part 1

Abilities, Abilities, Abilities. I could be here all day with the myriad possibilities available to me. I think the first thing I should do is look at the pre-existing ones and maybe update a few of them.

No points costs for these as of yet, as I'm figuring out what I want to do with restrictions.

Like I said, no new ones, although I will heavily change some of the older ones as I see fit.

The Inevitable Chaos FAQ

A short one today. Because of the timescale on which I've broken down this review, the FAQ is up already! And it's addressed two of my main bugbears! Praises be! Exclamation mark!

I'll outline it after the jump.

The Inevitable Chaos Review Part The Last: Fast and Heavy

It's time for the last part of the Chaos review, with Fast Attack and Heavy Support in the spotlight. After this, I can finally get to doing other things again!

The Inevitable Chaos Review Part 4: Elites and Uniques

Let's continue our Chaos review, with a peek at the most expensive and powerful optional extras outside Heavy Support. This is Elites and Uniques, with Ruthless Casual and Top Bryss.

The Inevitable Chaos Review Part 3: Icons, Troops and Cult Troops

Let's get back to analysis. Hopefully we'll be all done by the end of this week. This part is Icons, Troops and the Cult Troops section of Elites. As ever, italics is Top Bryss wisdom.

Mini BatRep: Legion of Chance Attempt #1

I got my first game in with the newly-formed Legion of Chance, versus my Tyranid-playing friend. Again, it's a 1500, Emperor's Will, Dawn of War (we rolled Vanguard Strike but chronically disagreed with it). His list was as ever:

1500 of Tyranids
Winged Hive Tyrant with two pairs of scything talons, Warlord, Use Lowest Leadership trait
(Took Biomancy and got Endurance and Enfeeble)
Tervigon with Regeneration and Catalyst
10 Termagants
25 Hormagaunts with toxin sacs
3 Warriors with 2x deathspitter and scything talons and 1x barbed strangler and scything talons
3 Raveners with rending claws and scything talons
Tyrannofex with rupture cannon and dessicator larvae
Tyrannofex with rupture cannon and dessicator larvae

My list and summary after the jump.

Weekend Silliness: +8 To Backlog

Look at that. That was my backlog 1.5 years ago. Look at how tiny it is. It's so tiny it's unbelievable. My new one is... aargh, I keep making it woooorse.

1 Dark Vengeance set
1 Heldrake (half built, magnetised tongue, not too hard)
1 Fiend (I so want to completely magnetise it, but it looks really hard to do)
5 New Raptors (put the cute little feet on, still deciding on loadout, I think two 5-man units with 2x specials by mixing them with the Old Raptors)
~5 Aspiring Champions (one yet to prime, 2 repaints, 2 primed)
~18 Thousand Sons (repaint and primed)
12 Plague Marines (primed, need to finalise scheme)
~20+ Berzerkers (repaint, I own so damn many, most of the Plagueys were originally these)
~15 Chaos Marines (repaint and primed)
2 Obliterators (repaint)
~5 HQs (repaint and primed)
1 Huron Blackhear (a small touch-up, I reckon)
1 Ahriman (likewise)
5 Old Raptors (primed)
1 Starfire Dragon (50%)
1 Kobold Ogre (80%)
1 Glimmerdusk Ranger (5%)
1 Hexcast Sorceress (primed)
1 …

The Inevitable Chaos Review, Part 2: HQ

Last time, on Top Ruthless Casual Bryss:

*Insert Clarksonic simile here.*

"These new rules do this and this and thi....POWER!!"

And now, the follow up. Units. And a little note on Wargear.

The Inevitable Chaos Review, With A Banal And Stupid Twist, Part 1: Special Rules

Hello, and welcome to the Ruthless Casual analysis of the new Chaos manual. Hello, and welcome to Top Bryss. Wait, what? Yes, I couldn't decide whether or not to review Ye Boke of Ruinous Powers from my gaming perspective, or my silliness perspective. So I'm doing it from both. This is going to be fun. In Part 1, we look at the fluff and all the non-specific special rules.

Weekend Happiness: 50 Days Later...

Yeah, this finally turned up after a month and a bit of waiting. Woohoo! My Super Dungeon Explore set got a new variable!

+1 to Backlog.

Planning An Army: R'Lette's Legion of Chance

This is what R'Lette's Legion looked like at the start of summer, consisting of:

Daemon Prince R'Lette with Wings (not pictured)
Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour and pair of Lightning Claws
6 Black Marines with Meltagun
6 Red Marines with Plasma Gun
5 Black Havocs with 4x Missile Launcher

I'll show you my progress after the jump.

Game Summary: The Dark Eldar Hit The Road!

I'm beginning to get slightly more of a grip on myself, and I'm sure I have a proper space for all this Bryssling/40k stuff now. With that in mind, I got in another game against my old rival who ISN'T 'Scape, using my new Dark Eldar concept against his Tyranids.

Summary after the jump. Things explode. Perhaps.