Weekend Silliness: Shadows On The Walls

As you know, I like banal and stupid wastes of time. I also really like the words 'banal and stupid' in that combination. With that in mind, I'd like to invite you to look at some beautiful Citadel Miniatures.
Sorry, I'll rephrase. I'd like to invite you to look at the shadows of some beautiful Citadel miniatures.
Come in after the jump, the water's lovely. And shadowy.

Shadow #1

I really like the way these shadows twist your interpretation of the mini. To me, it looks like the Sentinel on the left has a right arm of some sort, an effect created by the silhouette of the side-mounted backpack blending in with the leg top like a crude power fist.
I also like how the Deceiver's head coils now resemble a sort of duck head. No wonder the Necrons betrayed them, if they look that daft in the dark.

Shadow #2

Now this is a lot less ambiguous. It's clearly a Monolith, and the boxes near it create an artificial ground level that makes it look slightly submerged in the earth. The looming threat of this great war machine is palpable. 
Oh, and a note to my four regular readers.
I'm accepting user submissions for this series. If you have an interesting looking shadow of a model (fat chance), and want it shown off on the premier shadowgazing wargaming site, e-mail it to master_bryss(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk, and I'll probably display it.
No bloody shadow puppets, please. The only puppets on this site are real puppets. That said, the image of a Carnifex being devoured by a shadowy entity bigger than it might be quite funny if correctly executed.
Oh, I do so love filler. I did tell you I was Master Of Filler, didn't I Fuzz?


Mercer said…
I think you must have a lot of time on yours hands, lol.
Master Bryss said…
Hey, it's not like I'm doing anything else at that time of night. :) What? Sleep? Never heard of it.