Weekend Seriousness: Freshers

OH GRIEF CHAOS IS ON ORDER. And seriously, what's with the plastic Asp. Champ price? I was expecting £9-10, dammit! Really, I have no choice but to go discount. Well done, GW.

Oh, and they all look great with the exception of the Mutilators, which couldn't be any uglier unless a certain old Spanish woman decided to 'restore' them, if you know the story I'm referencing.

My head is in a complete mess, and it really doesn't help that I'm writing this while listening to the REDLINE soundtrack, which is amazing. Jump break and then important stuff.

Right, essentially, I don't see any way of being able to effectively maintain my erratic blog schedule. The days of 19 posts a month are fading fast. I need to sit down, and think about what I'm doing. My current plan is to try and schedule stuff for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (the easiest as it's the silliness slot). If I can't do this, blame Universe City.

Hopefully I can get something done for this week. Probably the first proper Creature Feature 6th article. I will find something that works, because I refuse to give up doing this just because I'm suddenly a bit more social.

See you Tuesday, when I'll outline the statlines I'll be basing the Creatures and Florae on.