Shadows On The Walls: Lantz Edition

Yes, this is also a shadow. Could you tell?
It's back, as shadowy as ever, and now it's even got its own header pic! Useless trivia: this is the only picture of myself I have taken for this blog without wearing a mask. Both people are wearing the same Matrix-style long jacket. And I'm both of them.
Now, I'd be the first to admit that I really didn't expect this series to take off. I mean, really, who wants to spend their time looking at shadows of models rather than actual models? Unless you subscribe to Plato's Cave, of course, in which case everything is a shadow to you anyway.
The point of all this is that I've received a reader submission for this series, from Lantz of Twin-Linked Awesome and Standard Template Construct fame. So, without further ado, a jump break! Then more Necrons.

Canoptek Spyder

First, some general aesthetic notes. The central red glow is present in all these shadows, which I really like as it projects an aura reminding you of the threat these models represent. The background is white and has tiny holes, so could be some sort of mattress, which produces a slightly different effect to the wall that I used last week.

As for the Spyder itself, the back end reminds me of a hunched-over man, possibly a mad scientist working on some weird doomsday contraption. Although it's obviously failed, on account of him having no legs.

Ghost Ark

I'm having a hard time figuring the angle out on this one. I like that, it's almost like it's mid-turn or something. This might be the Ark that inspired me to build my own Magnet Ark. Although if it is, his is obviously better as he didn't have to double-base it in Ghost mode.

Necron Warrior

 These next two are my favourites from this set. Look at the width of that Warrior. The stretching out of the shadow makes him look more like a Third Edition Warrior with a massive torso. It's a winning blend of old and new that makes me wish I could make some like that.

Triarch Stalker

And now we come to the beast. The pilot is completely invisible here due to the claw positioning, which makes it look far more feral and independent whilst creating a scorpion-like aesthetic. This really makes me think that all a pilot does for the Stalker's look is hold it back. Give it a 'face' like the one on the front of the Night Scythe and make that the head, change it from Triarch to Canoptek and we're good to go.

I'm guessing that I'm overthinking this, and Lantz just posed them like that as it looked cool. But that's the whole point of this series! Remember the time I made a 2d man out of dice and gave it artistic significance? These things keep me going.

And remember, if YOU want your shadowy photography over-analysed and featured on the premier shadowgazing wargaming site, e-mail them to master_bryss(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.

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