Shadows On The Walls: Centaurs?

Shadowland... wait, hold on, do any of you even know that's a song from the Lion King musical? Anyway, today's veil of shadows was literally taken last night, so you're lucky to get this. Even if these posts are almost zero-effort. Which, in these dark days where I can't take free time for granted anymore, is a good thing. Have some umbrae.

The first thing I do when I take SotW pictures is look at the small pile of minis I have on the top shelf. Today, I encountered something a little different.

The one on the left and the one on the right are clearly single miniatures, in this case a Servitor and my Duke Sliscus conversion. But the central figure? What on earth is it? It looks almost centauroid. A closer inspection reveals it to be two figures overlapping, an old-school Hellion and a metal Space Marine Captain. This intrigues me. So I go down one shelf, where I get clearer shadows and play around some more.

A streetlamp from one of the bulding kits. This is an excellent setpiece. There's a lot I could probably do with scenery if I was inclined. Maybe some more shadowramas. But I digress. I wanted to recreate the centaur.

Shame I got distracted again by a winged Daemon Prince. A shadowy figure of power, posed as if it's beckoning you forward. Come, receive limitless power and the ability to Swoop, it says. I could use perspective to make a Prince really tower over a mere mortal, if I wanted. Maybe shadows better reflect the 'true scale' of 40k.

Anyway, I wanted to see that centaur in a clear darklight, so I move the Captain and Hellion down. But try as I might, I can't get it to work. I can't get the length for some reason. All I can get is this:

This makes me think of Game of Thrones, for some reason. Maybe it's the 'resting on his sword' pose. Amusingly, his head might be on fire. DOOMRIDER!! HE DOES NARCOTICS AND HIS HEAD'S ON FI... oh never mind. He won't make the new Chaos book, anyway. And anyway, I slightly censored the meme as I don't feel it appropriate.

One million pounds says Doomrider's not in the new Chaos book. Signing off...