Reading The FAQs, Again...

Puppet squad, mobilise! We have FAQs to analyse!

Loads and loads of one-line paragraphs incoming. As ever, I'm not doing BA, BT, DA, SoB or SW. Because I simply don't care about armies I don't use.

Well, there is one Space Wolf question. Anyway, read on for answers to questions like:

Q: I have just been hit IN THE FACE by a MASSIVE STEAMROLLER. May I take a Cover Save?

You want the answer? Read this.


Look Out, Sir! is now resolved against the closest meatshield model. Logical and forces you to be more technical with model placement.

Loads of Wound Pool clarification. Bleh. Very few units get it simple outside of 'Crons. And even they have Crypteks.

Bikes are Very Bulky. Logical.

Grounded Flying Monsters go to Glide. Logical.

You lose a Hull Point if you fail a Dangerous Test. Gaah, the tall grass, it's deadly!

Monolith loses Jink. You expected to keep it? Really?

No more Character units...except Royal Courts. Why do Necrons always break the rules? Yet more proof that a VeilDakka Court is a viable choice.

Bryssnotes: Take 5 Lords with Staves of Light, and 5 Crypteks, at least one Despair with Veil. Owch. Easily better than Deathmarks at sniping. Fun unit, very Ruthless Casual.

Trygon Prime is a Character. On the one hand, Precision Bio-Electricity. On the other, you only function decently in combat half the time.

You can't modify the BS of Snappy Snaps. Aww...

The Death Ray, etc. don't harm Flyers. Logical.

You can charge an enemy unit you can't hurt. Why? You can't for vehicles... wait, no, I see why, vehicles are an easy springboard. Units are not.

FNP works versus Perils. Nice.

You take Grounding Tests when hit. This includes Markerlights. Markerlights are essentially focussed STRONG SUNLIGHT! My archnemesis returns!

Hey, boneswords ignore all armour. Cheers.

Uniques are Characters. Yay, Badrukk!

Only the first thing hit by a Beam can Deny The Existence Of Witches. Semi-logical.

Vehicles can be targeted by Maledictions. I'm assuming Blessings work too, mainly so I can take a Diviner and make Ravagers and suchlike twin-linked.

If a unit bails from a destroyed vehicle, it can only charge next turn if it was an Assault Vehicle. I'm sorry, what? Your ride just EXPLODED and all you care about is whether or not it had a RAMP? What sort of hypno-doctrination do Marines get these days?

You can only use Witchfire psychic powers inside a vehicle. Aww...

You can't Sweep Attack a Flyer, but you can do it on Swoopers. What? Really?

Fortifications can't Deny The Witch. Who thought they could? Admittedly, the idea of a ferrosteel bastion thinking to itself 'I don't believe in witches!' is hilarious.

Flyerspam armies fail if your placeholder units die before Turn 2. Hahahahahaha...

Drop Pod armies are immune to 50% Reserve limits. Logical.

All Codex Powers are Warp Charge 1. Simple.

Chaos Daemons

Fateweaver doesn't help non-Daemons. Thank you.

Daemon Icons don't help other armies, including CSMs. Yet CSM Icons help Daemons. Aloof, much?

Soul Devourer is AP3. So Terminators are nigh-on immune. Proving they have no soul to devour.

Chaos Space Marines

Typhus got a weird Unwieldy sticker. Baffling.

Twin-linked bolters are now officially called Combi-Bolters. Fine, I***, you win!

Bryssnotes: A mate of mine called I Three Asterisks referred to them as this for years. Now I know he was right.

Flying Princes all round, woop! That means Chaos can field up to 4 Flyers whilst Allied.

Daemon Weapons given 6e-styly profiles. OK.


Incubi are AP2.

Harlies now universally nerfed. Damn.

Incubi are AP2.

Lady Malys no longer fully immune to psychic stuff, only non-targetable. Now things can scatter and hurt her. Damn.

Incubi. Are. AP2.

Malys and Vect now AP3. Damn. Huskblade is AP2 though, justifying its king's ransom cost a bit.

.2PA era ibucnI

Can't Stunclaw people in Challenges. Even though Dark Eldar are exactly the sort of dishonourable scallywags that would do that. Damn.

Ncb r P2.

Bladevanes use Random Allocations. Even though Screamers don't. Damn.

Los Incubi son Penetracion de Armor Dos.

Baron gets AP5 WrathHammer. Nice.

I'm sure I've forgotten something...

Ah yes, Demiklaives are AP2. Can you tell I'm excited that Incubi are a real glass cannon again?


Spirit Stones confirmed to give Mastery 2. Logical.

Fuegan angry. Fuegan Smash! Waait a sec, that's a nerf! He's no longer Armourbane! Dammit! Hold on...on closer inspection, all Monsters aren't Armourbane! Sigh...

Banshees are AP3. Incubi are laughing.

Swooping Hawks with Intercept can essentially automurder any vehicle with at least 4 men. Nice.

They included a question regarding a classic model. How weird.

Vibro Cannons, like everything else, fail to affect Flyers. Aww.

Grey Knights

The silly 'Grey Knights can Bolster anything!' rule is gone. Shame...not really. I just liked the image of a GK Techie using Miracle-Gro to make tall grass a 5+.

Daemon Hammer confirmed as AP2, and Halberd confirmed to not be an Axe. Logical.

No more Culexus shenanigans, PBS and their ilk count as but one Psyker. Aww...

Karamazov can't use Orbital Doom if he moved, even if he is Relentless. Logic says this is also true for Chapter Masters on Bikes or in Termies armour, but maybe I'm wrong.

Psychic Pilots don't fuel the Animus Speculum. If steel walls are so good at blocking psychic influence, why aren't portable walls standard Imperial Guard issue?

Dreadknights with a Doomfist and Greatsword are too awesome for words, apparently.

Imperial Guard

Commissars cannot execute Allies. Even if half of them probably have delusions of grandeur...

The Russ got nerfed to a Heavy Vehicle. Damn, but I knew it was coming.

You may now direct fire a Colossus or Griffon. Good.

Valks and their ilk can't Scout anymore. Including Outflank. Aww... but Creed still gives it out.


Hyperphase Sword confirmed as power sword. Aww...

You can't take Cover Saves against bolts of lightning. Why would you ever be able to?

Mindshackles can force a Force ability to be used. Haha.

That's it. Really. Necrons are good enough without any more FAQ boosts, cheers. Even if in the next round GW might realise that Royal Courts are still awesome Charrie units.


Burna confirmed as AP3 power weapon. Inevitable.

Bomb Squigs can't fly. Why not? At least give me a giant Squig Kannon as a 10 point option...

Q: I have just been hit IN THE FACE by a MASSIVE STEAMROLLER. May I take a Cover Save?
A: Whyever not? It's not like it's flattened the surroundings or anything...

I think that last question speaks for itself, really.

Space Marines

Bolster no longer refers to area terrain by the way. Odd.

You can use Combat Squads to make half a squad bail from a Transport. Logical.

Relic Blade confirmed as AP3. But somehow it's easier to use than a one-handed axe?

No more double-bagging Stormtalon Escorts. Logical.

Tau Empire

I'd love to comment on it, but it keeps dodging out of my way. Damn 3+ Jink Saves on all Disruption Pod Skimmers...

Oh, Target Lock is back.

Confirmed that you still need a Tau Commander and Fire Team in Allied detachments. Sigh...

Q: He'llo, I'm a T'au. I b'ought these Shield Dr'ones for personal protec'tion, but they don't work in a Cha'llenge, where I really NEED the pro'tection. Wh'at gives?
A: Oh, they're programmed to abandon you in your time of need now. Patch 6.2. However, we have installed a tinny vocal chip to cheer you on as compensation. Wait, hold on, no need to point that rifle at me...

Bonus Content: Space Wolves

Q: Och aye laddie, I bought these Fenrisian wolves from yer pet store. They're really loyal and all, but why do they run away whenever I'm challenged? Surely it's cinematic for them to help me out? Have ye no SEEN Game Of Thrones, laddie?
A: Oh god, first that Tau guy, now this... Why isn't anyone appreciative of moral support?


Broodlords can't use any Witchfire at all. Aww...

Impaler Cannons impale regardless of Jink and stuff. Nice.

Mycetic Spores MUST attempt Death Or Glory. As if their lives weren't miserable enough. Come on.

Bryssnotes: Believe it or not, Mycetic Spores are mobile, and have 20 Wounds. It's just that impacting the hard ground from high altitudes takes off most of them, and paralyses them for life. Think about that next time you point a gun at one...

Ymgarls are the only thing able to assault from Reserves. OK.

You know, writing those FAQs from the POV of 40k inhabitants was rather fun. I'd love to do more.


Mark Mercer said…
Do people really need a FAQ to say that boneswords ignore armour saves when it says that in the codex? Also, upgrade characters are characters - no shit! lol
Master Bryss said…
Considering the amount of times Tyranids have been frakked over by PDF documents in the past, I think most Tyranid players were asking 'Are you SURE we get better power weapons?'
Dalinair said…
The level of buffing to necrons is just stupid now