Bryss' Musings: S.I.X.

It's not long before Giant Coloured Book: Chaos Space Marines is released, and I get to unleash R'Lette's Legion of Chance on the general populace again, accompanied by all their new Hel-based friends. I've sort of pushed the boat out for this one, snapping up all the new plastics, but that should be the penultimate Chaos purchase I make. It'll just depend on whether or not Apostles are any good.

Anyway, this release will hopefully give us Flakk missiles (rumours seem to indicate that only Havocs get them, though) and other sundry indications that the world is moving on. This will also do a lot to make Chaos more viable as an Ally. Right now, all they really have going for them is that their Prince is better value for money than the Daemons one, and they have well-rounded Marine troops in the Grey Hunter mould, albeit without ATSKNF. Giving the Chaos Ally Nexus the first 6th Codex also does a lot to balance out ally distribution, although this advantage will fade out eventually (*cough* Dark Angels *cough*).

The book being in full colour irritates me, although now that I've seen the cost of university books, I'm slighly more at ease. That said, I don't think looking at a full colour illustration of the Thirteenth Black Crusade is going to help me pass exams, so it's all relative. I don't know how much of a hassle it would be to print both, but it would be nice to have the option, if only so GW can compare figures and realise that the full-colour move is entirely their fault. Probably a curse brought on by the absolutely stupid image of Mat Ward in a waistcoat in the main book. Seriously, does he want to be in Inception or something?

There are also rumours going round that the Sorceror's base cost has been drastically reduced. I hope this is true. Right now, Chaos Marines have the highest HQ tax in the game, which really annoys me around the 750 point mark, and having a bit more points flexibilty is nice. Hmm, gives me an idea for a filler article.

Anyway, I've run out of things to talk about. I'll have something better for you by Thursday.