Bryss' Musings: The Knowledge, Flamers and Dark Angels

I need to put all my most frequent headers into their own folder...

Anyway, time for more Musings. One of them might even be useful for you. Insert jump here.

Argh, curse of one-line paragraphs returns. FAQ analysis tomorrow!

#1: Mercer's Things To Know: Like I'm sure he did for Fifth but can't quite remember, Mercer has compiled a useful notebook of things people might forget to do in 40k. They're all valid points worth brushing up on. A couple of things I've recently picked up on not in the list are:

B1: Bikes can only fire one weapon per turn.

I can't believe I was doing this wrong for so long. I just assumed the bike guns were automatic.

B2: Overwatch is resolved before rolling for charge distance.

This is major, as I wasn't doing this before and it can have an impact on whether or not you reach the enemy. This also has the handy effect of reducing the effect of the 'Lychguard Riot Shield Bounce' technique whereby you repel the worst Overwatch shots back at the foe, as it only works within 6" and you can now charge 7" or more a lot of the time. Take that, 'Scape!

B3: All Character models benefit from Precision Shot/Strike, not just Independents. Just remember that you can't Precision Shoot Snap Shots.

This is nothing short of great. Firstly, the cost of upgrade characters becomes slightly easier to justify as they now gain an extra ability in addition to the typical extra Attack and Leadership. Secondly, the cost of upgrading characters is slightly easier to justify, as the odd shot from your plasma pistol or whatever now kills whoever you want. Thirdly, all Nobz, Wolf Guard and Paladins benefit from this power. Twin-Linked Dakkaguns and Psycannons come to mind...

Oh, and incidentally, because the Rules Manual doesn't mention them, it's not bloody clarified whether or not Kaptin Baddrukk, Boss Snikrot and Boss Zagstrukk are Characters. I'm going to assume they must be, as having a named model that cannot be Challenged seems a bit silly. I'm also assuming this because Baddrukk has a three-shot plasma gun thingy that ignores cover and giving this beast of a gun Precision Shots is utterly awesome, and helps justify his several million points cost.

#2: Possible Flamer Decline?: Template weapons cannot touch friendly models. Therefore, they need to be close to the front of their unit. Where they will inevitably be killed. Of course, the smart player will keep their templates further back/in vehicles until they are needed, but they will still have at least one turn of vulnerabilty. Or they'll be in small units where everyone's going to be killed anyway. Point is, anyone else thinking we might see a slight decline in Template weaponry?

#3: Angels of Secrecy Reboot?: I'm thinking I may shift the Angels of Secrecy over to the Dark Angels book when the new one comes out, to fit in with their proper heritage. There's also the fact that I should be able to field a fair few Deathwing Terminators, and the book may let me take five-man special weapons squads. Maybe even Flakk Missiles. Again, just a thought.

Like I said earlier, new FAQs will be peered at tomorrow.