Bryss' Musings #Insert Number Here

 Being as I am a country person, I get stuff later than everyone else. Case in point: I got something today I've been waiting for for a long time.

 Yes, it's a pair of original 1960s Volkswagen Beetle hubcaps! They'll look great in my aspiring games room/well-lit man-cave.

OK, in all seriousness, it's Dark Vengeance. Jump time!

Yep, finally got my copy approximately 3 days after the rest of the internet. And it is glorious. Even better, today was a nice day so I decided to do some open-air hobbying, a rare treat in the wilds of Scotland.

This is pretty much one sprue's worth of stuff, although the Biker and Plasma Gun Guy have bits from the main DA sprue too. Anyway, now that I've got my Dark Vengeance sorted out, I can tell you what's happening this week.

  • I've got a few Vengeance articles coming, including a hybrid video-text review.
  • I'm also going to upload my thoughts on the two solo missions, which I will also do a video playthrough of.
  • Oh, and more Shadows On The Walls this Saturday. I actually got submissions for this, which I'm very happy about. Look forward to it.
Seriously, doing open-air hobby is a really nice thing to do. Plus, it gets rid of the glue fumes. Signing off for now...