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Shadows On The Walls: Centaurs?

Shadowland... wait, hold on, do any of you even know that's a song from the Lion King musical? Anyway, today's veil of shadows was literally taken last night, so you're lucky to get this. Even if these posts are almost zero-effort. Which, in these dark days where I can't take free time for granted anymore, is a good thing. Have some umbrae.

Bryss' Musings: S.I.X.

It's not long before Giant Coloured Book: Chaos Space Marines is released, and I get to unleash R'Lette's Legion of Chance on the general populace again, accompanied by all their new Hel-based friends. I've sort of pushed the boat out for this one, snapping up all the new plastics, but that should be the penultimate Chaos purchase I make. It'll just depend on whether or not Apostles are any good.

Creature Feature 6th: Basic Statlines

It's about time I started actually posting my work on this thing. All I've done so far is supply an Allies Matrix. Now, I can give you a basic statline. After the jump, of course.

Weekend Seriousness: Freshers

OH GRIEF CHAOS IS ON ORDER. And seriously, what's with the plastic Asp. Champ price? I was expecting £9-10, dammit! Really, I have no choice but to go discount. Well done, GW.

Oh, and they all look great with the exception of the Mutilators, which couldn't be any uglier unless a certain old Spanish woman decided to 'restore' them, if you know the story I'm referencing.

My head is in a complete mess, and it really doesn't help that I'm writing this while listening to the REDLINE soundtrack, which is amazing. Jump break and then important stuff.

Ruthless Mini: Does ANYONE like Vanguard Strike?

I got one and a quarter games in this Saturday, against (shock!) people OTHER than 'Scape. The game I played to completion was a 1500 against Blood Angels, during which Vanguard Strike came up. Both of us immediately agreed it was an utter pain in the arse and did Dawn of War instead. Is this a trend?

Game details and VS musings after the jump.

Video Batrep: Black Reach VS Dark Vengeance

I finally got round to releasing this. Video after ye jump.

Shadows On The Walls: Diorama?

Ah, it's that time again. I need to take more pictures for this, incidentally.... Anyway, jump forward for shadowy goodness.

Ruthless Mini: The Merits of Blob Guard?

You may not think this, but I do actually bother to look at lists that do well in a Hyper-Efficient Setting, so I can take little scraps of it back to the Bryss-Cave and see if I can use it in any way. Total assimilation will be seen as a failure. After the jump, we'll look at Blob Guard and see if I can see any merit in it.

Reading The FAQs, Again...

Puppet squad, mobilise! We have FAQs to analyse!

Loads and loads of one-line paragraphs incoming. As ever, I'm not doing BA, BT, DA, SoB or SW. Because I simply don't care about armies I don't use.

Well, there is one Space Wolf question. Anyway, read on for answers to questions like:

Q: I have just been hit IN THE FACE by a MASSIVE STEAMROLLER. May I take a Cover Save?

You want the answer? Read this.

Bryss' Musings: The Knowledge, Flamers and Dark Angels

I need to put all my most frequent headers into their own folder...

Anyway, time for more Musings. One of them might even be useful for you. Insert jump here.

Argh, curse of one-line paragraphs returns. FAQ analysis tomorrow!

Shadows On The Walls: Lantz Edition

It's back, as shadowy as ever, and now it's even got its own header pic! Useless trivia: this is the only picture of myself I have taken for this blog without wearing a mask. Both people are wearing the same Matrix-style long jacket. And I'm both of them. Now, I'd be the first to admit that I really didn't expect this series to take off. I mean, really, who wants to spend their time looking at shadows of models rather than actual models? Unless you subscribe to Plato's Cave, of course, in which case everything is a shadow to you anyway. The point of all this is that I've received a reader submission for this series, from Lantz of Twin-Linked Awesome and Standard Template Construct fame. So, without further ado, a jump break! Then more Necrons.

Dark Vengeance Solo Mission Evaluation

As I didn't get both videos out today, have a Part 1 and a Part 2. It did mean not being able to use this computer for the best part of 6 hours, but I did it for you ungrateful lot. Here, have a jumpy breaky thingy and then videos.

I found my Creature Feature sheet!

A quick PSA. I intended to put up the first Dark Vengeance Missions 1&2 video today, but it's not working for me right now. Damn rural internet. But never mind that, look what I found:

I've been looking for this, and now I'll tell you why...

Dark Vengeance Review - Top Bryss

Tonight, Sooty falls down a well, Panda discovers nitroglycerine and I flip a £2 coin...
Hello, and welcome to the Top Bryss studio. Now, Games Workshop’s latest entry-level 40k model, the Dark Vengeance, has been released, with a slew of new models under the bonnet. But is it any good? We'll find out after the jump. There's a video bit and everything.

Bryss' Musings #Insert Number Here

Being as I am a country person, I get stuff later than everyone else. Case in point: I got something today I've been waiting for for a long time.

 Yes, it's a pair of original 1960s Volkswagen Beetle hubcaps! They'll look great in my aspiring games room/well-lit man-cave.

OK, in all seriousness, it's Dark Vengeance. Jump time!

Weekend Silliness: Shadows On The Walls

As you know, I like banal and stupid wastes of time. I also really like the words 'banal and stupid' in that combination. With that in mind, I'd like to invite you to look at some beautiful Citadel Miniatures. Sorry, I'll rephrase. I'd like to invite you to look at the shadows of some beautiful Citadel miniatures. Come in after the jump, the water's lovely. And shadowy.