The Revenge Of Weekend Silliness: What's In A Name?

Yes, I am wearing glasses over a mask.

It's time for Weekend Silliness, which existed before all this Let's Play nonsense. This week, it will be done in Musings format, before being later interpreted through the Dance Du Crossaints popular in St. Malo. Maybe.

Blast, forgot the jump break again. Right, now it's in.

#1: General Housekeepi...

Oh come on, I haven't used the Tyranid Warrior-Maid picture in ages.


#1: General Housekeeping: After Mercer from Impenius Dominatus got my blog name wrong again (see how you like it), I decided to have a look into having a randomly rotating blog description. One jab at the HTML thingimabobber later, and I've got seven different options, three of which are title permuatations, three of which are faintly humourous, and one of which is another plug for the other siVISITBRYSS&SCAPEINC. Oh grief, it happened again.

Anyway, one of the vaguely humourous ones is all Mercer's fault. Guess which one it is by refreshing the page constantly and boosting my stats.

#2: The Actual Point Of This Post: Well, the other actual point of this post. The first point was to debut my new Silliness photo. Trivia; I never shade my neck in black, only my hand and non-masked face. And hair, in the case of the Musings one.

Didn't I say I had a point. Ah yes, what happens if you search the Interwebs for 'Bryssling.' The first result is me, obviously. The second is a minor Facebook page for Jonas Bryssling, who apparently is a guitarist in a Swedish technical death metal band called Spawn of Possession. Having listened to the entirety of their latest album whilst bored, I quite like them. Although I don't get how you understand it more on each listen as I don't speak Death Growl and therefore can't hear the lyrics.

The third result is... err, It's, err, a Swedish blog about...doing up a house, I think? The blog title is, according to Google Translate, Pink Functionalist Dreams. The 'About Me' type effort says the author is called Monika. If so, what the actual frak does the word Bryssling have to do with any of it? Is it your surname, like Death Metal Guy?

Then there's more Jonas-related stuff, then a Myspace page with some classical music on it, then loads more of me.

Seriously? SalesMan-Bryssbing? I need to re-take the blog banner again, don't I...

#3: OhmydaysDarkVengeancehasbroken: I'm not going to put up any pics, but use this to see everything on pages 19-21. My thoughts go something like this...

The sheer amount of work that must have gone into the Space Marine heroes and Chaos Lord, Chosen and Hellbrute is phenomenal. Everything else is about as you'd expect, and is easily above the quality of the 'generic Marines and generic Orks' of Black Reach.

It's interesting that the Interrogator Chaplain is described as 'Limited Edition.' Just how limited are we talking here? I'll just have to buy it right off the bat to be sure then...

Box contents have been finalised as:

1 Company Master     1 Chaos Lord
1 Librarian                  6 Chosen
10 Marines                  20 Cultists
5 Termies                    1 Hellbrute
3 Bikers
(1 Chaplain)

Look, I'm aware that these boxes are normally Marine-biased, but this does seem much more obvious about it than the last box. Unless the Hellbrute is an AV12 vehicle, in which case the Marines need 5+ with their plasma weapons. Of which they have 4, one of which is a pistol. Or maybe the idea is to get the Bikers behind it. Or get lucky with the Assault Cannon.

I don't know enough about anything to even guess at the possible points values. My guess is that the Loyalists will be at least two hundred points higher. It will also be interesting to see if, like Black Reach, Dark Vengeance will tell beginning players to ignore Special Rules, which will really frak over the Chosen. Bleh, hurry up and put pre-orders up, GW!


Mercer said…
Dude, your font on your banner is total fail. It looks like a B. You need a better font, which doesn't change the letters or you do a spell check first on your own blog title ;) . L doesn't curl up, it's flat :)
Master Bryss said…
Dude,since when did people's silly attempts at artistic handwriting become a 'font'? I find that idea extremely dehumanising. :(

The Mr Saturn font in the Silliness image has Ls that look like Greek Alphas rotated and stretched. But it's still an L, no?

Back to the bloody drawing board again...
Mercer said…
Ah did you write it? I thought you did it on some photoshop or something.
Fuzzbuket said…
re-do the banner.

in elian script >:) i dont think mercer has that on his keyboard of doom!