The End Of The Bryssbing Saga (An Open Letter To Mercer)

Dear Mr Mercer, (Blade Runner reference?),

Having taken the time to examine my idea of 'artistic' handwriting, it is with great frustration that I must conclude that the 'L' in 'Bryssling' does look rather like a 'B', due to a particularly artsy flick that went a wee bit too far.

As such, we at Casual Rules Bryssling of a Ruthless Mind Manufactorum (ie, myself and the puppets) have taken the action of greying over the offending curl in a popular graphic alteration application, in order to prevent future generations from believing themselves to be illiterate morons.

However, this does come with two small caveats. When I finally get round to creating a quality post worthy of making it into the UK Blogger's Group Round-Up again, referring to my small internet niche as 'Bryssbing' again will cause the flick to be reinstated, and maybe even lengthened.

The second of these is that you must never refer to handwriting, that is, something written with an actual writing implement rather than a keyboard, as a 'font' again. Reason being, most people have no need for two or more different handwriting styles, unless they are of school age and really, really do not wish to do physical education that day. Or they are a criminal.

I shall end by emphasising that the artistic style the blog title is half-written in is NOT, repeat, NOT my regular style of handwriting, on account of it being too bloody impractical for exams. Unless the exam is Art, of course. Which I didn't do.

Thank you for taking the time to read/skim (delete as applicable) this open letter. I would also like to thank you for giving me an excuse to argue over a ridiculously banal and minor point, as I haven't had the chance to do it in ages and I miss it dearly.

Yours sincerely,

Master M. Bryss, author, RulesMan-Bryssling

PS: You may notice that most of the letters in my signature do not look like English letters. This is because I have written it almost entirely in Classical Greek. The letter 'y' had not been invented yet, and therefore is still a 'y.' And yes, the letter 'Sigma' changes shape when it is the last letter in a word. End of pointless argument.

PPS: Oh bugger, I forgot that 'y' is usually converted into 'Upsilon.' Well, that's ruined everything.


Mercer said…
Haha, great post. Very true that the blog title was half written :P .
Master Bryss said…
Thank you. I do try. Now I need to find some other minor point to argue over with someone...