Silliness Bonus: Helbrute, The Slaughterer

Here's a stupid thought I had regarding the Helbrute. It probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but I'm blogging it anyway.


Mark: Helbrute
Difficulty: B

Oh grief, woe is me... I was but a humble miniatures designer, making snap-fit designs for a new boxed game. By utter chance, I designed something that reminded a random internet blogger of the Cie'th from Final Fantasy XIII, shambling mindless brutes punished by interrance in a vile parody of the human form. Now, through a popular graphic alteration program, the two have combined, and it was my Focus to separate them once more. However, I failed, and now I'm a lump of rock. Hey, you look like a seasoned combatant with at least Weapon Skill 5... maybe you can kill it for me and end my pain...

And no, I don't think blue suits the Brute at all...