Ruthless Casual: Am I Scythe-Blind? (Part 2)

Last time (yesterday's post, not hard to find) I told you what happened when I brought a mix of Orks and Daemons against a Purecrons (Purecrons? Monocrons? Either works.) list and may or may not have worried too much about Doom Scythes. Today, I decide whether or not this is right.

After the jump, of course. Provided I remember to put it in.

Good. Now, let's consider some for and against arguments.


I have lost every game of Sixth where I have faced Scythes. Both times I have poured a fair bit of resource into killing them. Both of these games featured a different mission, so it's clearly not that I can't do one specific mission type.

Every single time I write a list these days, a fair bit of thought goes into whether or not I can effectively fight Flyers. The units I use for this tend to be a bit on the fragile side, and it hurts when I lose them.

Night Scythes have the power to instantly murder most of my vehicles should a unit of 10-15 Warriors be inside one of them. I haven't used a vehicle-heavy list at all at any point during Sixth. Am I doing this for damage control?

Scythes ruin my day if I bring Dark Eldar, the only army I have with an effective air unit, and my best and favourite army. Because AP- isn't a detriment any more and because of Tesla bonus hits, I can expect my Raiders, Ravager and Razorwing to die horribly, and the new Webway has weakened my T7 3+ Monsters. Meanwhile, Warriors bend my Troops over backwards and shove a gauss rod up their unmentionables.


I have lost every game of Sixth featuring Hammer & Anvil deployment. This is usually because the force I send to attack the farside is too small, and the rest of the army can't get into range to support them. This wouldn't be a problem for Dark Eldar, but see point 4 of For. Maybe the reason I fear Scythes is more to do with their effectiveness in this deployment type over anything else.

My Orks are enjoying a new lease of life. The formidable Orkron combination won me my first game, with Lootas and their S7 AP4 being a key unit against Warriors, Crypteks and Flyers. Meanwhile, my Gauss battery deals with anything even remotely Quantum Shielded. I proved two days ago that twin-linked dakkaguns, deffguns and even twin-linked rokkits mess up any Scythe plans, and I'm sure that S6 cover-ignoring Flash Gitz would add to that. I can fight Scythes with them any day of the week. And they can ally with every single army I own.

Well now, it seems there are more For arguments, but the Against arguments are more detailed and probably hold more water when scrutinised further. Especially the Hammer & Anvil argument, as that deployment type is easily the most punishing of the three. I think I'd be safe if I concluded that I need to work on my Hammer & Anvil game. I need to build lists that allow me more board-crossing without sacrificing important stuff. Alright, I think I know what I'm going to try next.

Saturday marks the start of an exciting new Weekend Silliness Concept. See you then.