Random Dungeon Encounter! Again!

M-hmm. We're back in Super Dungeon Explore Land. I've even ordered Candy and Cola, such is my affection for this game. A Top Bryss is in the scripting stage. Anyway, I've finished more stuff, namely the Kobold Flingers.

Yes, once again there are four, allowing me to do a multiple perspective shot thingy. Note that I actually bothered to ink these ones, as otherwise the bandages would look rubbish. Ground level shot time!

After the jump. Oh, and I did the Paladin too, so click and sucklike.

Green eyes, because soulless, anonymous minions don't deserve pupils. These guys have the in-game ability to lob flaming pebbles at people, which is pretty awesome and makes them a key minion. Of course, as we all know, the true purpose of minions is to be senselessly slaughtered by the heroes. Like this one.

The Royal Paladin. I messed up his right eye, so may go back to it later, but for now he has a weird scar and a gammy eye. Anyway, now I'm going to get to the true purpose of this review, a 500-word plug for Bryss and 'Sca...

Oh no, a random encounter! Let's go to the ZX Spectrum-era battle screen!

Right, I'll wail on these guys and obtain loot. You lot can flee immediately, and come back when I next post.