More Super Dungeon Explore!

Carrying on with Paint Something Different Month, here's some more Dungeon Explore WIPS, namely the Kobold Warrens Spawning Point and one of the Kobold Ogres. Visit Bryss & 'Scape Inc.

Kobold Warrens

Because there are four of them, I only need to take one picture to show off what I've done. How clever. Anyway, like my Egg Clutch, the main colour is a monotone grey, however unlike the Egg Clutch, I've filled in the gaps with Meph Red to get a sort of blood flow thing going. Kobold Ogre pics after the jump.

Kobold Ogre Rex

You get the idea, he's dumb muscle. I need to go get rid of the white splotches near the eyes, and possibly ink him, but then he's pretty much done. The red really reminds me of the Bokoblins from Skyward Sword, which is pretty awesome. Now all I need to do is paint his twin, plus the dragon and all the small things. I prescribe another painting session...