I Actually Finished Something! (And Started Another WIP Inquisitor)

Remember all the way back in April when I got my hands on five classic Destroyers, painted one and then didn't finish the other four? Well...

Yep, they're all finished now. Shame Szeras isn't. Incidentally, I'm still finalising the schemes for my Plague Marines and Death Cultists, hence the one test model for each unit. Find out how I got myself motivated to do it after the juVISITBRYSSANDSCAPEINC.

Whoa, no idea what happened there.

Anyway, the reason I managed to finish those is because 'Scape and I had a painting session over Skype. This helped me an awful lot. Sometimes, painting seems too much like a chore, especially when your backlog is as big as mine. A bit of moral support really helps you out. Aside from the Blades, I also got some more Dungeon Explore stuff done, which I'll show you later.

I decided I needed a third Inquisitor, so meet WIP Inquisitor Dedai, a Malleus Inquisitor with hellrifle.

He's based on the plastic Empire Master Engineer (I'm really loving those kits), with the silly gun stand removed, the standard Exercitus Hood, and some sandbags to stand on so I didn't have to repose the legs.

I still think he needs a little bit more Grimdarkification. Any suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated (hint hint). As far as wargear goes, I may just keep him as is (bolt pistol, hellrifle, carapace armour), or give him a scabbarded Force Weapon so I can give him a natty Divination power.