Another Game Of Sixth!

Well, that took longer than I thought it would. Now I can finally stop whining about how annoying this edition is and start thinking properly again. It's probably to do with not owning the bloody book and bloody flyers yet.

Anyway, I tried out a Necrorks list this time, as it's supposed to be a decent combo. Ended up with:

Bryss' Necrorks- 1500

Overlord with Warscythe
Catacomb Command Barge with Gauss Cannon
Royal Court: 1 Cryptek with Destruction and Solar Pulse, 1 with Despair and Veil of Darkness.
Illuminor Szeras
Big Mek on Warbike with Bosspole
10 Immortals with Gauss Blasters
5 Warriors in a Ghost Ark
10 Shoota Boyz with Rokkit Launcha
Wartrukk with Red Paint
5 Lootas and 3 Meks with Big Shoota
3 Deffkoptas with twin-linked Rokkit Launcha
5 Flash Gitz with More Dakka, Shootier and Kaptin Badrukk

Battle summary thingy after the jump. Warning! Said summary is messed up by Firefox. Use IE to get the full effect. I can't speak for other browsers as I don't use any other browsers.

'Scape, as ever these days, used Necrons. This went something like:

'Scape's Thankfully Flyerless Necrons- 1500

Overlord with Warscythe and Semp Weave
Catacomb Command Barge with Tesla Cannon
Royal Court: 3 Crypteks with Despair and one Veil of Darkness
15 Warriors
15 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
Triarch Stalker
3 Wraiths with 3 sets of Whip Coils
Canoptek Spyder

Despite not having flyers this time, the other hallmark of Necrons in Sixth (frakloads of Gauss) remains intact. The Monolith is more annoying than ever as I can only ever glance it and therefore the Particle Whip can mess me up badly. Then there's the zippy Cryptek Flamer Squad he's gotten so fond of. It's a good unit. Especially after he's weakened my Orks to a level where I can't use the Mob Rule any more.

I may have less models than him, but I like this setup. The Mek is really there to go with the Koptas and take some blows for them, or use the Bosspole to help stop them running, which happens a lot when you're only Ld7. I feel comfortable facing flyers thanks to Lucky Lootas and twin-linked rokkits. I really wanted to try out the now cover-ignoring Gitz so they're in. As for Szeras... look, I had 110 points left and I decided to take a punt at boosting my Immortals. The other 10 points bought me Red Paint and a Bosspole.
  • To preserve my sanity, we set up the terrain by agreement. This was a lot faster. Will continue this strategy. Mission was Not Capture And Control, with Weird Pythagorean Deployment.
  • I rolled 6 on Szeras' Enhancement Table, pretty much useless. I was hoping for BS5 to take advantage of Gauss.
  • We both took advantage of Reserves, with 'Scape reserving the Monolith, three Warrior units and the Barge, and me reserving the Boyz (but not the Trukk), my Barge and the Lootas.
  • Szeras and the Destructotek went in the Ark with my token Warrior unit. The other Tek went with the Immortals.
Anyway, I promised you a battle summary thingy. Here it is.

: Alright, I'm first. I'll fire some token shots at your Ark with my Stalker. Oh noes, cover! Oh well, at least I have an objective. Which won't explode or anything, as I rolled a 2.

: Hmm, I'll stick these Gitz in the empty Trukk, move a bit, have a crack at the Stalker, hmm, that went OK, carry on.

: I suppose I better roll for Reserves. Yay, all of them got in! Now I'm going Strike In the Monolith, unload a 15 Warrior unit with the Corridor, use the Veil to get near your Immortals, sweet, it's bang on target. Now, I'll totally nuke your Immortals so there's only one left, kill a Kopta, damn, 3 Immortals and the Cryptek got back, oh well, I assault you with my Crypteks.

: Oh no! They'll never escape that combat all bloody game! I'm doomed! Not to mention the one Wraith I left alive is now assaulting my A...phew, it did nothing.

: Shut up and stop complaining, Bryss! Now fight like a man!

: Fine! Well, none of my Reserves came in, so I'd better shoot your Wraith to death, which works, err, I glance your Lith twice, but you negate one with Jink, and I assault your Warriors with my Koptas. Wait, aren't we forgetting something?

: Yes, we were supposed to fire Overwatch, but neither of us remember this at any point! Never mind, your Koptas are utterly useless in combat and I wreck them in two turns.

: Ah well, at least I get my Reserves now. By this point I have murdered your Stalker, and after a few turns I even kill your Monolith! Oh, and then my Barge charges your Barge and we have a Chariot-off, which I win. Even if my Chariot is now smoking and both it and the occupant are down to one Wound/Hull Point, delete as applicable.

: Not to mention you've nearly killed that Warrior squad, heck, might have killed it, you don't remember. Now will you stop whining about not being able to win a game of Sixth?

: No! I refuse! Wait hold on, gaah, you've moved your Crypteks and I've lost half my Shoota Boyz! And I can't get them to the objective in time! Hang on, I've got a plan... I charge your Teks with my Lootaz and Boyz, win, and consolidate onto the objective. Yes! I've got 3 points, as I have an objective, I've Slain The Warlord, and my Barge is in your silly triangular deployment zone! You have two, for your objective and First Blood.

: Hold it! We forgot about Overwatch. If we'd remembered, your Shoota Boyz might have died to Wall Of Death, preventing you from winning, as your only other scoring unit was too far away!

: So, you're telling me the only reason I won a game of Sixth is because we kept forgetting we were playing Sixth?

: Yes.

: Damn your eyes! Although, basic mathshammer does say that I'd have at least one live Shoota Boy after WoD, and since I didn't even need the Loota attacks to win the combat, I'd still have probably gotten consolidation, and therefore still won.

: Ah well. All's well that ends well then?

: Seems like it.

: Dohohohohohohohohohohoho!

Or something. We've never actually done a Statler and Waldorf laugh as far as I know. Or care.

I think I'll contine with Necrorks/Orkrons (depending on which is the main detachment) for some time.


Cyberscape7 said…
GAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! I am sooo confused by the face quote mix ups!!!
Master Bryss said…
Blast, Firefox completely messes it up. IE is fine though. Can't speak for other browsers.