This Post Was Going To Be About Witches And Hoes, But I Don't Own Any Gardening Implements

Hee hee, I'm so juvenile. Anyway, these guys WERE going to be part of my summer backlog, but I decided to finish them before I went away. These are my three Psykers that I built from Fantasy models. Bonus points if you get the name references!


Built from the plastic Necromancer, and easily the most odd-looking of them all. Canonically he has been in Oclis' company longer than the other two Psykers, suggesting he plays a key role in the deception.


Faceless, voiceless, but certainly not powerless. For one, he could easily make you trip with his Dual Incense Flail. Built from a Battle Wizard, with added Dark Angel censer and Imperial Guard aquila.


Easily my favourite, and another Battle Wizard. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to put on the robe tails. Something High Gothic? Yeah, but what? In the end, I went for two Low Gothic phrases that emphasise A) how utterly badass he is, and B) how he is essentially treated like a belonging. If you can't read them, they read (well, the actual model has them abbreviated a bit, but...):

Witch And Proud
If Lost, Send To The Inquisition

Obviously, the badass phrase is the one that faces the enemy. Otherwise, the whole effect would be lost. Oh, and this is the only one of these Psykers I deem awesome enough to pull double duty as an IG Primaris Psyker. Must be the beard.

If this schedule thing works, you'll see the full extent of my backlog, plus some more finished stuff, on Wednesday.