Some Abandoned Necron Rulesets

Even though I've abandoned the Kill Team Four project, I thought that what I did manage to write might be of interest. This is an unfinished ruleset for a mini-list for Necrons. The entries are split into Command, Troop and Support, with caps of 2 Command, 4 Troop and 3 Support as a Force Chart.

Note also these were written during Fifth Edition. Rules after the jump.


Same as the regular Necron book. Unless otherwise specified, all wargear and points costs are also indentical to that of the Necron book.


Necron Lord.....50 Points

WS BS S T   W I   A   Ld  Sv
  4    4   5  5   2   2  2     10  3+

Unit: 1 Lord

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Canoptech Combat Blade

Canoptech Combat Blade: A standard issue Canoptech sword. It is a close combat weapon that grants the user the Entropic Strike special rule.

Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

  • May exchange Canoptech Combat Blade for...
    • A voidblade...+2pts
    • A power weapon...+5pts
    • A warscythe...+10 pts
  • May take any of the following:
    • A particle caster...10pts
    • Canoptech Conversion Armour...+8pts
    • Personal quantum shielding...+10pts
Canoptech Conversion Armour: Some Necron commanders opt to exchange their Reanimation Engine for a Canoptech Core similar to that of the Prototype units. A model with Canoptech Conversion Armour gains one extra wound and an Invulnerable Save of 6+, however in exchange loses the Reanimation Protocols rule, as well as the Ever-Living rule if they have it.

Personal Quantum Shielding: A smaller version of the Quantum Shielding used on Necron chariots. It grants the user an Invulnerable Save of 4+, however it will be lost if it is failed twice.

Bryssnotes: This is a sort of upgraded Lord. You'll note I changed the default weapon from a Staff of Light to an Entropic sword, to emphasise that the Lord has a completely different role to the Cryptek. I've also added the Particle Caster as an option, which would allow an extra attack for two close combat weapons.

Canoptech Conversion Armour was inspired by the changes that happened to Wraiths in the new book. It creates an interesting toss-up. Do I take the extra wound, or a 33% chance I'll get up after I die? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Personal Quantum Shielding was me wanting a cheaper Inv save, as these rules don't really represent a main commander and therefore the Phase Shifter is overkill. It uses the break mechanic the Shadow Field has to tie it closer to vehicle shielding.

Cryptek...35 Points

  4    4   4  4   2 2 2  10  4+

Unit: 1 Cryptek

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Staff of Light

Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

Heavy Cryptek: Some Crypteks are upgraded by Canoptech Corp. to carry multiple stave weapons. Heavy Crypteks may fire two ranged weapons per turn.

  • May exchange Canoptech Combat Blade for any of the Harbinger staves listed in Codex: Necrons for the listed cost.
  • May take any of the following Harbinger wargear for the cost listed in Codex: Necrons
    • Gaze of Flame
    • Veil of Darkness
    • Chronometron
    • Lightning Field
    • Seismic Crucible
  • May upgrade to a Heavy Cryptek, and take one of the following:
    • Staff of Light...+10pts
    • Voltaic Staff...+10pts
    • Tremorstave...+15pts
    • Abyssal Staff...+15pts
    • Eldritch Lance...+20pts
  • May take any of the following:
    • Canoptech Conversion Armour...+6pts
    • Personal quantum shielding...+10pts

Bryssnotes: I shortlisted the wargear as I didn't want too complex an entry for a skirmish-level list. As I see it, those are the 'main' ones, with the exception of the Solar Pulse. For the same reason, the Cryptek can now double up on weapons. With no Royal Courts, I didn't want to scrimp on anti-vehicle. Of course, this was before Gauss became awesome again. Conversion Armour is slightly cheaper because of the weaker Save.

Triarch Excavator Team...12 Points Per Model

  3     4   3 3   1  3 1   8  5+

Unit: 1-5 Excavators

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Particle caster, Reanimation Catalyst

Reanimation Catalyst: A strange box manufactured by Canoptech Corp. that accelerates the reanimation process. For every Catalyst within 6" of a unit making a Reanimation Protocols or Ever-Living roll, the Necron player may re-roll one failed roll. In the case of Ever-Living, only one re-roll may be made regardless of the number of Catalysts within 6".

Special Rules: Independent Operators

Independent Operators: At the beginning of the game, before deployment, a unit of Excavators can be split into any number of smaller squads. Units of one Excavator have the Independent Character special rule.

Triarch Conversion Armour: Canoptech makes this form of Conversion armour for its Triarch employees. It has the same effects as Canoptech Conversion Armour however also increases the Excavator's Armour Save to 4+.

  • Up to two Excavators may exchange their particle casters for:
    • Gauntlet of Fire...+3pts
    • Staff of Light...+6pts
    • Particle Beamer...+10pts
  • Any Excavator may exchange their particle caster for:
    • Gauss
    • Gauss Blaster or Tesla Carbine...+2pts
  • May take any of the following:
    • Triarch Conversion Armour...+8pts
    • Canoptech Combat Blade...+5pts

Bryssnotes: Mini-Res Orb caddies. They are a sort of anti-infantry Cryptek deal as ICs, or a combined special weapon squad. Strictly for support.


Points Cost and Stats: Identical to Codex: Necrons

Unit: 3-10 Warriors
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Gauss flayer

Portable Heat-Ray: A small, experimental heat-ray device. It has the same profile as a Heat Ray however is Heavy 1. It can also be fired on the move, however the range is reduced to 9" and the unit cannot charge in the same way as if they fired a Heavy or Rapid Fire weapon.

Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

  • The entire squad may take defensive grenades...+10pts
  • For every five Warriors, one may exchange its gauss flayer for:
    • Gauss cannon...+10pts
    • Heavy gauss cannon...+15pts
    • Portable heat-ray...+15pts

Bryssnotes: Warriors with meltaguns and combat insurance. Defensive Grenades become more of a bargain in bigger squads. Otherwise, a Cryptek with a Gaze could cover it.


Points Cost and Stats: Identical to Codex: Necrons

Unit: 1-5 Immortals
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Canoptech gauss blaster

Canoptech Gauss Blaster: A tuned and double-cored gauss flayer capable of great burst of firepower at medium range. It follows the Gauss Blaster profile, however has a Rapid Fire range of 18".

Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

  • The entire squad may take defensive grenades...+10pts
  • One Immortal may exchange its gauss blaster for:
    • Gauss cannon...+8pts
    • Heavy gauss cannon...+13pts
    • Portable heat-ray...+13pts

Bryssnotes: Before the new Rapid Fire rules came out, this was my way of having old Immortals back, sort of. Note you can take one Immortal with portable heat ray for 30 points, or a HGC, creating a weak lone sniper.

Flayed Ones

Points Cost and Stats: Identical to Codex: Necrons, however Attacks are reduced to 2 and Initiative increased to 3.
Unit: 3-10 Flayed Ones
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Canoptech combat claws (same effect as one Canoptech Combat Blade)
Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

  • The entire squad may take offensive grenades...+10pts
Bryssnotes: Better, Scoring Flayed Ones. May be slightly undercosted? 15 sounds better.


Sepulchre Light Chariot: 35 Points

A modification of the Catacomb Command Chariot, which is rarely seen on the battlefield, the Sepulchre is designed to ferry small units of Immortals, or other Necron units. They can be outfitted either with durable off-road wheels, or with an anti-grav unit. It is only a chariot by name, as the area previously occupied by animals is now a lengthened troop compartment.

 F    S    R    BS
10   10   10    4

Unit: 1 Sepulchre Light Chariot

Type: Transport, Open-Topped, Fast.

Capacity: 5 models. Canoptech Prototype Squads may not embark a Sepulchre if they contain Wraiths or Spyders.
Wargear: Tesla cannon

Enhanced Tesla Core: The bigger power source of a tesla weapon with an enhanced core allows it greater firepowers. A weapon with an enhanced tesla core generates 2 extra hits on a D6 roll of 5+ when rolling to hit rather than 6+.

Chariot Flayer Arcs: The chariot is equipped with two side-mounted gauss flux arcs. Each arc may fire at a different target to the chariot's other weapons as normal.

Anti-grav unit: A chariot with an anti-grav unit becomes a Skimmer in addition to its other vehicle types.


  • May exchange tesla cannon for gauss
  • May take any of the following:
    • Upgrade tesla cannon with enhanced tesla core...8pts
    • Chariot flayer arcs...15pts
    • Anti-grav unit...15pts
    • Quantum shielding...20pts

Bryssnotes: It's a mini Ghost Ark. I may have assigned this two Hull Points. And yes, you have to buy Shielding. I might not have done it in Sixth, but in Fifth, with random vehicle damage, I wanted that implemented. Oh, and I invented a tesla upgrade to offset having only the one chance at generating hits.



 4     4   5  5  1  2 1  10  3+

Unit: 1-5 Destroyers

Unit Type: Infantry

Wargear: Canoptech gauss cannon (follows the profile of the Gauss Cannon however has a maximum range of 36" and is Heavy 2)

Canoptech Destroyer Platform: Platforms designed to aid Destroyers that come in multiple levels. They grant special rules as follows:

  • Level 1: Relentless
  • Level 2: Unit Type (Jump Infantry), Relentless
  • Level 3: Unit Type (Jetbike, does not confer +1 Toughness)

Special Rules: Same as Codex: Necrons

  • Up to three Destroyers may exchange their Canoptech Gauss Cannon for a heavy gauss cannon...+10pts
  • Any Destroyer may exchange their gauss cannon for a particle
  • The entire squad may take:
    • Canoptech Destroyer Platform Level 1...+5pts per model
    • Canoptech Destroyer Platform Level 2...+10pts per model
    • Canoptech Destroyer Platform Level 3...+15pts per model
Bryssnotes: These could be Necron Devastators, Destroyers or Tomb Blades. This unit was never costed, maybe a base of 30.

Annihilation Chariot

10 10 10 4

Unit: 1 Annihilation Chariot

Type: Open-Topped, Fast

Wargear: Tesla cannon, tesla destructor

  • May exchange tesla cannon for gauss
  • May take any of the following:
    • Upgrade tesla cannon with enhanced tesla core...6pts
    • Upgrade tesla destructor with enhanced tesla core...12pts
    • Chariot flayer arcs...15pts
    • Anti-grav unit...15pts
    • Quantum shielding...20pts

Bryssnotes: A weaker Anni-Barge, again never costed. 60 perhaps.

Canoptech Prototype Squad- Never Made

Bryssnotes: I envisaged these as sort of like Beastmasters. They even fit the archetypes of small horde (Scarabs/Razorwings), invulnerable beast (Wraiths/Khymerae) and big guy (Spyder/Fiend).