Ruthless Casual: My Necrons In 6th

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Today, I will look at my Necrons and see what needs cleaning out. Note the emphasis on 'my.' This is important. Let's go.

Properties in 5th: Ooh, grief, a hard one. Let's be honest, I didn't play Newcrons much in 5th, as 'Scape uses them frequently and constant robot civil war drags after a while. Therefore, I don't really know my own Necron army too well. Because it was my first army, there's quite an eclectic range of stuff.

What Problems Do I Now Face?: The big one is deciding what to do with everything. I need to sort out a cohesive central plan. Also, I need to be able to fight flying stuff. Owning no Scythes does hinder me here. Apart from the Monolith Portal and, occasionally, one Ghost Ark, I can't move very well. This is going to make me suffer.

What Am I Going To Do About It?: Well, the mobility thing can be quick-fixed, as everything can be, by Allies. Necrons get Convenience with Marines and Grey Knights, so can gain a couple of Troop squads about as tough as they are, in Rhinos or Razors.
Fighting flyers can be achieved by Anti-Air, otherwise known as Barge, units. Except I own only one and if I use it as a tesla platform I don't get the awesome Chariot. Sigh...I need a Scythe. I was hoping it wouldn't be as black and white as that...unless I ally with Imperial Guard and load up on Bring It Down! autocannon batteries.
Cohesive central plan? Hmm. How about:
  • Step 1: Buy an Overlord.
  • Step 2: Load up on Eldritchy Doom.
  • Step 3: Load up on Warriors.
  • Step 4: Decide where the Crypteks are going.
Then I can add the little things, like Immortals and Blades.

Wait, Hold On! Had The Actual Army Gotten Any Better?: We ARE Necrons, y'know. My favourite bits are:
  • Look Out, Sir! Although non-Independents don't have as high a success rate, this goes a long way to making Royal Courts into a beatstick. You can zip around with a Veil, protect what you want in Shooting, use Mindshackles for funny challenges, etc. Multiple Staves of Light are much better anti-infantry in an age of worse cover. The number of viable things a Court can do is way up.
  • Jink Saves on Jetbikes. With Shadowlooms, my Tomb Blades become better Ork Warbikers. My Particle Beams have a better chance of hitting tanks properly, but this isn't too significant. However, when I Snap Fire them, they essentially become S6 Lootas. That's pretty good assault insurance.
  • Rapid Fire. Warriors can put out at range properly with no Phaeron, Deathmarks don't need to DS close up and therefore have less of a chance of dying horribly, Immortals get some of their 3rd-edition power back, etc.
  • Doomsday Cannons. Not only does Random Destruction help prolong its existence, it can actually put hurt on vehicles now.
  • The Monolith, as 3++ hilariously pointed out, gets a Jink save. Presumably by spinning really really fast. Oh, and the Particle Whip's better too
  • Destroyer Lords and Preferred Enemy. Wraiths with Rending Scything Talons and a 3++ Look Out, Sir!?. Yes, please.
  • Not in my army, but Dispersion Shields and Overwatch. Watching your opponent facepalm when all his defensive firepower bounces back on him, partially negating the I2 disadvantage of their metal opponents is a brilliant little scene. Admittedly, it won't do much and doesn't always work, but it's hilarious and it means the Lychguard are actually the Necron equivalent of the Riot Squad.

And If I Use This Army As An Ally?: That depends. At a lower points level, Szeras, a squad of Warriors (perhaps in an Ark), and an Anni-Barge. Szeras is a decent bet as a small-time Allied HQ. If your main force doesn't need much extra long-range AT, he can be used for cheaps, has a 66% chance of giving you something good as a boost, and has his own Lance.
In a bigger game, go straight to the Over. Access to a Chariot is nice, as is the Doom Ark, as one Anni-Barge is silly at 1750+. I need to remember that I'm Desperate with most things, though, and Scoring isn't a huge thing. That said, if I attach to Knights, Orks or Chaos Marines, I am scoring. This especially benefits Orks, whose Troops naturally move forward and so need a backsitter.

Anything Else?: Yes. The Gaze of Flame counts as defensive grenades. You can throw grenades now. Does this mean I can now hurt people by staring menacingly in their general direction? Please say yes, this is hilarious. Especially since a Dark Eldar Flyer can be downed by STRONG SUNLIGHT!
Hey, it's Friday the 13th! I hope this doesn't mean my auto-scheduling will fail, and that you can't throw defensive stuff...


Cyberscape7 said…
Hang on; since it's a gaze of FLAME, and fire GLOWS, does that mean that GoF is another example of STRONG SUNLIGHT in 6th?
Master Bryss said…
Oh no! Still, at least Necrons are not capable of LOUD SINGING! And the Gaze wouldn't be able to hurt flyers...