Ruthless Casual: My Dark Eldar in 6th

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Today, it's the turn of the Kabal of the Stolen Soul. Again, key emphasis on the word 'my.' These are so easy to write, but I need to thrash this out now.

Properties in 5th: Step 1, drop Portals. Step 2, unload Kabablobs. Step 3, bathe in firepower. Step 4, gloat. These core units are usually supported by Trueborn, a Ravager, a Razorwing, Haemonculi and Reavers.            

What Problems Do I Now Face?: Well, for one, the Webway received a gigantic slap in the face. This means I cannot employ a Talos for assaulting stuff. There's also the Feels Slightly More Pain Than In 5th Edition special rule to contend with, which I can't even mitigate with cover as there is no way in frak that 20 man unit will fit into anything without a great portion of men being exposed to Focus Fire. As this makes foot DE less viable, this may mean I need more than three Raiders. This is disappointing news.
Oh, did I mention I can't stick Allies in Portals? I hate that.

What Am I Going To Do About It?: Ooh, tough one. Well, actually, it isn't. Is it? Gaah, I don't know. Therefore, I'm going to do absolutely nothing, and continue to expand.

Wait, Hold On! Had The Actual Army Gotten Any Better?: Sigh... Jeeves, kindly fetch me some bullet points.
  • Rapid Fire's new groove really benefits my Portal strategy. I can now stick the Portals further back and deploy my blobs in a more comfy fashion, rather than sticking them right in the line of fire. This may also mean my Duke Sliscus model gets more table time.
  • Being able to elect to stay still with heavy weapons. Splinter Cannons and Dark Lances like this. Admittedly, the only squad to really benefit is Footlites, but it's nice to have the extra two shots more often.
  • AP2. Ravagers, Razorwings, Blasters, the possibilites are endless. It's worth noting that the BS7 Archon may take either a single Blaster or two Blast Pistols. This is fun, and means I may now have a real reason to take Archons over Haemonculi.
  • Haywire Weapons and Grenades. In the hands of Scourges, the Hayblaster mauls vehicles reliably. With Vehicles only ever being WS1 or worse, Wyches and Bloodbrides with Haywire Grenades become hilariously good at close-up tank killing. And they were already excellent utility units, especially against Terminators. Even if the Agoniser is only AP3 now and is probably Not Worth It on a Hek any more. Still, the points I save not taking one go to the Haywire 'nades.
  • Phantasm Grenade Launchers. Because of grenade throwing, these can now throw out an AP4 small blast. A nice add-on that also works for regular Plasma Grenades.

And If I Use This Army As An Ally?: As few Troops as possible, since I'm Desperate. A flyer in Heavy, maybe Scourges in Fast and Trueborn in Elites. HQ can be either a Blastchon or Hexmonculus, depending on what you want the Trueborn to do.

Anything Else?: Allied Eldar. I can go one of two paths with this, both of which start with a Farseer. I can then take either static Troops (Rangers) or mobile ones (Dire Avengers, which may have Serpents). I'll probably leave Elites empty, take Warp Spiders as a harasser, and then the world's my Heavy oyster.