Ruthless Casual Mini: Henchmen Musings

As you know, I possess a WIP Henchman army. However, the new edition has thrown my plans into tatters. Tatters, I say! OK, not quite, but I do need to refine my tactics. For one, how do I get my Crussies/Death Cultists into action?

This isn't as bad as I think. Since I'm using Rhinos as their mode of transport, the easiest thing to do is disembark in a 'Ring of Riotwall' formation, with the Crussies fanning out to shield the Cultists, who are protected on the other side by the Rhino. I could swap to Chimeras, but this comes with problems. For one, I need to expose my weak sides to the enemy when I place the unit. There's also the fact that the hull-mounted weapon wouldn't be able to get a line of sight, making Snap Fire irrelevant. So, Rhinos it is. I'm thinking 6:4 Crussies:Cultists, replacing one Cultist if I want my Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades in there too.

That sorts the two combat units. Now I need to consider range. I get 6 Troops total. I'm thinking of having two midfield units and one long-range unit, which leaves me one slot for GK Termies, which could stay back and harry or go up and claim. The long range unit relies on Servitors for extra punch, so an Inquisitor is necessary. I feel another Fantasy conversion coming on...

The midfield units would be strictly bolters and melta/plasma guns. The bolter has become even better value at 1 Great British Point, and is genuine competition to the storm bolter now in some senses. I could also add Psykers to these units to throw around cheap S3 hits.

Coteaz could do one of two things. Either way, he would replace one 'generic' Inquisitor, either the CENSORED or the Rad Grenadier. In long-range mode, I'd give him Divination for guaranteed Prescience and occasional Perfect Timing. In short-range mode, he'd keep Hammerhand.

But none of that is happening until after the 6th Box Set and I have restored all that Chaos. Whee!

Oh, and one final note. Death Cultists are armed with two power weapons by default. This makes them the cheapest mix-and-matcher in the game. And I still claim the 2 CCW attack bonus. Nicely done. But what should that second weapon be?