Ruthless Casual: The Exercitus In 6th

Yeah, it's an old, bad pic. The New Exercitus will be in HD.

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Let's look at the official RulesMan-Bryssling Mascot Army, the Exercitus. Whoa, nearly forgot to put in the jump break. How clumsy of me. And I'm trying to be an impeccable host here.

Properties in 5th: The old Exercitus was simple in its execution. Countsyas Inquistor Oclis would mess in with a small shooty unit, either in cover or in the Chimmy, and shoot, hold home objectives, boring admin stuff. Meanwhile, two combat units of Death Cultists and Crusaders went for the ones that were further away, and hack'n'slashed their way to being a worthwhile investment.

Support came from my Grey Knight Magnet Force, a conversion-beamer armed Techie who hung out near Countsyas and a Magnet Force usually serving as Interceptors or Purgators. Then there were the Assassins, Cally and Vindy, who killed some smalls and then died horribly. Generally, Cally was better.

What Problems Do I Now Face?: Some damn big ones, that's for sure. I can't assault out of Rhinos any more, which means if I want the Crussies and Friends in a combat, I need those Awesome Saves to protect me for one full turn. Additionally, fielding such a small shooty squad with so many high-value targets is tantamount to suicide out of a transport. And I can't sit on an objective in one.

Speaking of transports, the Exercitus motor pool comes from the Universal Imperio-Chaos Motor Pool. Of this, the Exercitus may take:

  • One Rhino
  • Two Rhinos that could also be Razorbacks
  • One Chimera
  • One Land Raider Redeemer
Therefore, any Imperial allies are drawing from the same motor pool.

Oh, and I can't fight tanks. Or Aircraft. Or shoot properly with no Grey Knights in the army.

What Am I Going To Do About It?: Err, well...

Let's lay down some definites. The motor pool isn't a problem if I take allied Tau, Necrons or Eldar. I'm discounting Dark Eldar and Orks, as they are Desperate and therefore Not Scoring. It's also less of a problem with Imperial Guard, as the only unit in the pool they share is the Chimmy. Yes, this limits my ally possibilies, but really, what would Space Marines bring to the table that can't be bought in the Grey Knight book?

That's the easy problem out of the way, i.e, the one that doesn't actually involve the Exercitus themselves much. Hang on though, Allies can probably solve every problem the Exercitus has. All I need to do is draw fire away from the Cultists, which I could even do with (gasp) Grey Knights.

I think Imperial Guard or Necrons are the safest bets. Guard have Platoon Structure (load up on Weapons Teams and melta) and the Freakin' Leman Russ, which got a nice little boost with improved blastguns. Necrons have the Eldritch Lance and the Death Of A Thousand Glances.

Anti-air is a little harder. Bring It Down autocannon teams and Super-Annihilation Tesla seem the best routes. Using my GK Techie to Bolster cover for my allied weapons teams will help them survive.

I told 'Scape this before, but I think the Annihilation Barge looks like a hovering version of the Anti-Air unit from Advance Wars. Comparison here:

See? Totally separated at birth. It's the dual guns.

Wait, Hold On! Had The Actual Army Gotten Any Better?: Let's see...
  • AP3 Power Weapons means Oclis can survive better if he hangs out with my combat units. Unless I want them to stall Terminators, in which case he ought to run like the wind.
  • My Crusaders are armed with halberds, as they are based on Brettonian Men-At-Arms. This corresponds to Power Axes. Hey, Crussies can fight properly now!
  • AP1 got buffed to +2. Hey, maybe my Turbo-Penetrator Rounds might do something useful now! And even if they don't, they still reliably take a Hull Point. This also gives the Vindicare the incredibly weird niche of Open-Topped Vehicle Slayer. Roll a D6. On a 3+, you lose an Open-Topper.
  • Wait, hold on, nearly all Necron vehicles are Open-Topped. Mwahahahahahahahahaha....what do you mean, you've already killed him? Dammit. Meh, worth a go.

And If I Use This Army As An Ally?: Easy, I will follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy Oclis.
Step 2: Buy him some mates and a transport. These mates will vary, depending on the base army.
Step 3: Buy an Assassin. This will usually be a Vindicare.
Step 4 (optional): Buy a Dread, Interceptors, or Purgators. You may not need these, depending on the base army.

OK, maybe they aren't the best allied army.

Anything Else?: Well, the obvious one is Disciplines. If Oclis is deploying with a shooty unit, I may consider Divination. By which I mean 'pray for Perfect Timing or Misfortune.' Since Inquisitors aren't forced to keep Hammerhand like GKs, Coteaz gets two shots at this. And even if they fail, the Primaris is still good.

I think that's everything for the Exercitus. Once I'm back at this keyboard, I'll examine my other, bigger, armies. Starting with Necrons, I guess.