Ruthless Casual: The Angels of Secrecy in 6th

Yes, this is a Traitor. But I haven't got any regular ones in the blog archive.

Everyone and his do.. right, frak this for a game of soldiers. Let's just get to peering over the last of my 'main' armies, the Angels of Secrecy Space Marines.

Properties in 5th: As the crow flies, take two small Scout units, a Libby, some Marines in transports and some form of Elite. My Marine army loves Elites. Oh, and Fast Attack, usually in the form of smalls like Speeders and Attack Bikes.

What Problems Do I Now Face?: If I want Imperial Allies, there is the motor pool issue I mentioned with my up-and-coming main, the Exercitus. Other than that, I need to hurt flyers. That's about it. Wow, the Angels had a smooth ride and a half.

What Am I Going To Do About It?: Well, I have access to allied flyers, or even the Stormtalon. However, it only has 2 Hull Points, a massive weak spot. If I'm not allying with the Exercitus, who aren't very good allies, then the motor pool problem vanishes overnight.

Wait, Hold On! Had The Actual Army Gotten Any Better?: Owch, I seem to have taken many bullet-point wounds. Hey, they spell out words...
  • Bolters and Rapid Fire, plus the Stay Still Rule. Big Tactical Squads are relevant again! Whee!
  • AP2 again. Load up on las'n'plas, it will serve thee well.
  • Terminators and Land Raiders. Assault Vehicle is now a precious resource, and even Shooty Terminators are scary in combat. Welcome back, I've missed you.
  • Attack Bikes, and Bikes in general, are now perma-T5. Combined with the jink save, this makes them only slightly less durable than Land Speeders. Not to mention both have 2 Wound equivalents now. It's always been a toss-up, but now it gets tougher.
  • Space Marine Captains. You can now load them up with two BS5 plasma pistols. That's a pretty potent shooting booster for small squads. A Space Marine Captain with two plasma pistols and a jump pack, in a 5-man Assault Squad with more plasma pistols. That's essentially Space Marine Scourges. Nice. Hey, can a Sergeant make use of Gunslinger? Needs investigating. If he can, five-man units just got more firepower. Shame it's 30 points for a pair...
  • Vortex of Doom. It now has a better chance of hurting vehicles, and is AP1. What's not to like?

And If I Use This Army As An Ally?: The Swiss army knife of Allies. A Librarian with Gate and Vortex, or indeed any other power, plus stuff. Alternatively, you could take a Master of the Forge plus two Dreads. The mandatory Troop will probably be Scouts of some sort. It really just depends what gaps I need filling.

Anything Else?: It's worth noting that Imperial Guard and Tau are Battle Brothers, and thus able to be Gated about. You can also, err, use a Chaplain to inspire Fire Warriors to be less rubbish in combat? That's pretty funny. I imagine it would go something like...

Chaplain: Forward, brothers! For the Primarch and the Emperor!

Shas'La: Err, what? Are we supposed to find this inspiring? For one, we don't revere the Emperor. For two, none of us actually speak Gothic very well, and we can't understand a word you're saying.

Chaplain: Yes, but you should draw inspiration from my combat prowess! Look how easily I slay these Chaos Marines!

Shas'La: What, with your AP4 Maul?

Chaplain: Yes, with my...oh, bugger. I guess you're right. FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES, SHAS'LA!

Shas'La: You see how easy it is to adopt Tau philosophy now?

I suppose this is the reason why Liturgies of Battle was FAQ'd to only affect Space Marine units...