Reading the FAQs

We're moving onto the FAQs. I can't get a game in until two weeks Saturday (damn, damn, damn!), so I have until then to play around with army ideas. In the interim, I've put all the FAQs onto my e-reader, got annoyed at how badly the magenta shows up in B&W e-ink, put the contrast up to compensate, and started evaluating my armies. Let's go through as many as we can in one post, shall we?

I do not play the following armies and so will not be evaluating the following:

  • Black Templars
  • Blood Angels
  • Dark Angels
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Space Wolves
The rest are fair game. In alphabetical order...

Chaos Daemons

Plaguebearers are now Properly T5, and so get FNP on missiles and suchlike. Buffed.

Everything, including Grinders, causes Fear, not like it'll work, but it's nice and fluffy, like a hellspawned pillow.

Even as Allies, the silly deployment system remains in. Still a double-edged sword.

ICs from other armies can never join units of Daemons, not even CSMs, and vice versa. Shame, Seekers/Bloodcrushers might have been a handy shield for Lords on Daemonic Steeds, increasing their damage output tremendously.

Daemonic Flight is now worth the points, 2 whole editions after Gavvio Thorpatore wrote it (tail-end of 4th, remember?), creating a Flying Monster. A really expensive Nurgle Unholy Mighter comes to mind to capitalise on this...

Hellblades are AP3. Not like you'd be sending Bloodletters after Termies with Furious Charge nerfed anyway, mind.

Overall Verdict: Apart from Flying Princes and Plaguebearers, not great. Would use as Allies.

Chaos Space Marines

Huron can't swap out Warptime for a book power. Aww...

Possessed get AP3 if they roll a 6 on their chart. Like with Bloodletters, this isn't too concerning.

Blood Rage has changed, but still makes Chaos Dreads a weird unit to avoid.

Kharn got nerfed to I1. I've never used him, but I can imagine this hurts.

Summoned Daemons are Daemons. What a surprise.

HQ Princes are Jump Creatures with wings. Hahahaha, who's cost-effective now? Some people complain that this is inconsistent, however I see your point and raise you a 'you get power armour by default, are the best value Chaos HQ and can be a psyker.'

T6 Nurgle Bikers. Every cloud, I suppose.

No, Repair doesn't restore a Hull Point. Why would it?

Oh, and one other thing. By the current wording of Icons of Chaos, I can't summon Allied Chaos Daemons with them. What the actual frak, GW?

Overall Verdict: A fair bit of hurt there, coupled with the unfluffy Icon dilemna. Oh, and no anti-air.

Dark Eldar

Ooh, Clasped Demiklaives are AP2. But as the rest of you are AP3 and you still have no Invulnerable Save, you will steer clear of Terminators.

Decapitator is also AP3, but I've never used him and can't comment.

Your Ongoing Reserve Flyers can use the Webway. Nice, but...

Your Allies can't. Not even Eldar, who by all rights should know how to. You're Battle Brothers for frak's sake!

You can't assault out of them either. I hate this new mechanic. I can no longer Reserve units I want to come on and protect backfield squads who die to assault. Yes, it makes sense to do this considering the length of charge distance has most of the time improved, but that STINGS. GMW clearly wants me to buy more Raiders. Except that isn't helping the poor Talos.

Flickerfields work against Dangerous Terrain Checks. Woop de do. I'm still seething at the previous point.

Overall Verdict: We have Flyers, therefore GW should like us? What do you mean, no?


The Avatar is clarified as a Daemon. Again.

Hey, Veil of Tears got a boost. Not bad.

Mastery Level Zero is confirmed to exist, as Warlocks and Shadowseers have it.

More Avatar clarification, this time on what it's immune to. It's not as extreme as the Ulumeathi Tauhater Syphon, but it'll do.

Star Engine move is now done in Shooting, making its description finally make sense.

Overall Verdict: I suppose this is a slight increase, sort of. Again, no anti-air.

Grey Knights

Combat Squads now allows you to embark both split units in a transport if they fit. Nice.

Blessing of the Omnissiah can now restore Hull Points. Logical.

Bolster Defences can now work on all terrain other than Fortifications and has a cap of 3+. Vindicare 2+ Strategy still works though.

Nemesis weapons are Unusual Force Weapons. Still not sure if this makes the Hammer AP3...

Dreadknights can't fly. Phew.

Overall Verdict: Easily a boost in mobility, but AP3 will hurt, especially in Termie-on-Termie combat.

Imperial Guard

You can't order non-Guard units. Logical.

Bring It Down! clarified to work on Flying Monsters. Good luck, you'll need it.

Bodyguards auto-pass Look Out Sir!, to compensate for it being nicked from them.

New Blessing again. Unsurprising.

Hydras prevent Jink Saves and have Skyfire. Yes, this means they suck against ground units. But chances are you'll still score one hit, and therefore can do a little bit of damage against light vehicles.

Valkryries can Hover. Quel surprise.

Vendettas can Hover. Quel surprise.

You lose the unit inside a Valk if they can't deploy. Logical-ish.

Character aura powers don't work on Allies. Logical.

Overall Verdict: The only ground AA unit. Time will tell whether it's still useful.


Death Rays use 1mm lines. Logical.

Rod of Covenant is AP2 in combat now. Nifty, but Praetorians still suck against Termies.

Lord of Fire becomes the first power to circumvent Random Weapon Destruction. It still isn't too useful.

Spyders can restore Hull Points. Logical.

Scythes can't Hover. Surprising, as to me they look like hoverers.

The Command Barge is a Chariot. Awesome.

You can disembark from a Night Scythe if it has moved 36", but can only Snap Fire. We'll see if this is any use down the line...

The Overlord of a Barge can sacrifice a Wound to negate a Hull Point. Logical.

Orikan's Staff of Tomorrow is AP2. Still unsure on his usefulness.

Tesseract Labyrinth clarified to work on Flying Monsters.

The Warscythe is AP1. Win.

Seismic Crucible is essentially the same, but is no longer good protection versus short charges.

You roll off for multiple Initiative modifiers in combat. Random.

Again, Staff of the Destroyer is 1mm. Hyperlogical. That was a bad Imhotekh joke. Sorry.

Overall Verdict: Ridiculously good in 6th. 3 glances isn't annoying any more, its a death warrant. Welcome back, 3rd Edition Necrons.


I find it amusing that it says to change the Warbiker Nob profile to this, and then a few lines down it says to ignore bracketed Toughness. Oh, GW, you do make me laugh.

It's easier to take a Waaagh! wound. Won't affect big mobs much, mind.

Again, Mek's Tools can now restore HP. Hey, it actually shortens to that. Nice.

Kustom Force Field works on allies. More importantly, a lot of races can take one KFF as an ally for cheaps. Good times. Vehicle cover is nerfed, fair enough. But the Allies thing is great.

Tankbustas can now Run if they're out of range of a visible tank. Phew. For a second I thought they'd say "Pre-meshurin'? Wot's dat?"

Deff Rollas are still awesome.

Flash Gitz ignore Cover. This goes a long way to making them viable. And since Badrukk's Da Rippa is always AP2...

Hey, Waaagh! Ghazgkhull always rolls 6 to Run. Not too shabby.

Swoop Attack doesn't let you use your Rokkit Packs to charge. Aww...

You can't use Bomb Squigs in Overwatch. Aww...

A side note. Nob Bikers are awesome again.

Overall Verdict: We'ze bakk. And we'ze betta 'dan eva'!

Space Marines

Combat Squads is new and improved. See Grey Knights.

Chaplains have Power Mauls. Recite the Litany of Happiness to make this fact go away. See the comments of the previous post for aforementioned Litany.

Liturgies of Battle only works on Codex: Space Marines units. Wait, so even Battle Brothers from OTHER SPACE MARINE CHAPTERS can't benefit? How silly.

Heroic Intervention counts as using your jump pack. Unsurprising.

New Blessing again. Typical.

Bizarrely, the Astartes version of Bolster Defences is different to the GK one. According to the FAQ, it still only works on ruins, has no 3+ cap, and has a new example including both the ruin and its area terrain. Hmm...

Again, character stuff only works on the Codex: Space Marines stuff. Logical.

Overall Verdict: A weird one. Must look into Bolster.

Tau Empire

Drones aren't removed until the end of the phase in which their controller died. A small thing, but it makes all the difference in consolidation.

By order of Commander Sta'Lin of the Co'Mmunist P'arty, the C&C node and the Target Lock are banned. Sure, the first item doesn't work, but the second? Come on.

Gun Drones can disengage anywhere within 6" of their vehicle. Not bad.

Overall Verdict: Best as allies, I reckon. Not really changed. Oh, no anti-air.


Feed is better. Nice.

Harpies can Fly. Nice.

Flyrants can Fly. Ni...Logical.

Tyranids can't fire Fort Guns. Bad.

Everything is Mastery 1 except the Swarmlord. Bleh.

Overall Verdict: The black sheep of 6th Edition. They need something to help them claw it back.