More Perusing Of Ye 40k Rules Manual

Let's continue looking at changes before moving on to some of the FAQs.

Unit Types: Paragraphs ahoy!

Bikes and Jetbikes now get Plow In attacks in the form of Hammer of Wrath. Yay for running people over at I10, even if it may not be too tough. This is really only going to affect things like Nob Bikers, Biker Command Squads and other things that were good at combat already, as other units will probably still lose. Still, it's a nice touch.

Bracketed Toughness is gone! This is huge, especially for Nurgle things with Feel No Pain. Nurgle Bikers are now as tough as many Monsters and therefore are closer to being Worth It. Oh, and Attack Bikes really like this too. However...

Boosting, like Running and Flat-Outing, is now done in Shooting. Logical, I guess. However, 3+ Cover is now 4+ Cover, which hurts zoom-and-melta tactics. To compensate, normal movement now confers a 5+ Cover Save, which Heat Lance Reavers are very happy about. Another reason to take them over Scourges.

Assault Jump from DoW2 is in! Well, sort of. Jump Pack infantry can now choose which phase to use their packs in (good), and if they pick the Assault Phase they can re-roll their charge and gain Hammer of Wrath. They also take up more transport space now, logical.

Jet Packs can move 2D6 in the Assault Phase. Probably better.

Monsters cause Fear, which is like Pinning but it makes you WS1 in combat. Considering how easy it is to pass a Pinning Check, this isn't a big deal. You also gain a new anti-vehicle measure called Smash, which isn't very useful either unless you are S5 and attacking a Land Raider. Princes, I'm looking at you.

Flying we're talking. They have new rules in spades, are harder to hit and can perform Not-Sweep Attacks, counting as firing one weapon. This is their main anti-air measure, and isn't half bad, not needing to roll to hit, but at the same time it's not 2D6 penetration. Daemonic Flight? Consider your points cost more reasonable. Even if S5 isn't great...maybe Unholy Might?

Blah blah, Beasts blah, Cavalry, blah. Not slowed by terrain, blah. Move 12", blah. Cavalry get Hammer of Wrath, blah. I don't really use these units, so can't say much.

The same applies for Artillery. I'll look into them though.

Weaponry: 'Dis shooty fing needs more pawagwaphs! Dakka dakka!

You can fire two pistols. Now, lower the cost of Plasma Pistols to encourage us to buy two. Please.

Rapid Fire can't fire 2 shots at max range if you stay still after all. Aww... still, they're better.

All snipers can choose who they hit. Took long enough.

Close combat stuff now gets a summary like Ranged Weapons. Highlights are:

You get AP4 Power Weapons, specifically Staff and Maul. Chaplains aren't happy. Even if they do now stun like Thunder Hammers...

The Nemesis Daemon Hammer is in all probability AP3. Damn. Deny The Witch doesn't work on Force Weapons mind, so...

The Witchblade got nerfed! On the other hand, Singing Spears are still S9 on Vehicles, so at least Eldar can cling to that...

Grenades have a throw range of 8". That's more than a Demo Charge, so thankfully there is less chance of Sly Marbo Syndrome, where it scatters back onto you.

Plasma Grenades have the S and AP of Plasma Missiles, which is nice. Eldar still get some things better then.

That's all for now. FAQs soon!


Evan said…
"Chaplains aren't happy." Are they Ever? haha.
Master Bryss said…
If they're chanting the Litany of Happiness they are. It goes like this:

I can take a Power Fist for 15 points,
I can take a Power Fist for 15 points,
Praise be the Primarchs and the Emperor,
I can take a Power Fist for 15 points.