Hello everyone. I'm back. I've even got a new crudely drawn, non-copyrighted logo. Good for me.

Anyway, I have my computer back, new HDD installed, boring admin stuff, etc.

I'll get back to proper posting soon, but for now, I have a small announcement to make.

From now on I will only post in one-line paragraphs.

Naah, that's a lie.

The real announcement is that the Weekend Let's Plays are being moved to their own blog, Bryss & Scape Inc. This is the companion blog to my Youtube channel, and so will also contain any 40k battle videos I may do. But, more importantly for you lot, it means the LP stuff won't be here any more, and this will go back to being an 100% wargaming blog.

Normal posting schedule will resume shortly, with some hyperbole about 6th and my thoughts on the new Citadel paints that I have bought so far.